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Adobe Reader 6.5 Free Download

  1. Adobe Systems Incorporated 345 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95110 (888) 724-4508 Adobe Premiere is a very popular software video editor. The 6.5 release is the first major upgrade to this tool since the version 6.0 release almost two years ago.
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Nonetheless, at times, Adobe Readerdoesn't manage to load the documents as quickly as it should and with some files stored in the cloud, the page navigation is difficult. Add to watchlist: Ebook reader Document viewer. Bookviser Reader; Legimi; Reader for.

Adobe Reader 8.0 Free Download Official Site

Adobe Reader Lite is a desktop application that allows you to view and edit PDF files. This PDF viewer is independent from Adobe Reader DC and other programs developed by Adobe. This version of Adobe Reader is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 only. At 16.6 megabytes, it is a lightweight program that you can download for personal and professional use.


Adobe Reader Lite trims down the extensive set of features from Adobe Reader DC and provides only the essentials. One essential feature is the Annotating tool, which allows you to insert comments onto your document. Adding feedback on specific parts of the file helps your reader see which areas they should focus on and what they should do. Another important tool is the highlighter. Similar to annotations, highlights put importance to lines, paragraphs, or terms.

Lastly, the Fill and Sign tool enables you to draw on your signature on the doc. Note that the creator of the PDF file is in charge of creating the for fields. Should the program lack optimized form fields, you can still draw over the page. Readers with impaired vision, slight blindness, or limited mobility will find customization options that can help them read with ease. In the Preferences menu, the Accessibility section presents to you options in an easy-to-use wizard.

This allows you to enable large-type display, higher contrast, and other tools to project a more dynamic background on your screen. To keep Adobe Reader Lite easier for your device to process, Adobe keeps this application separate from its cloud. This means you cannot import documents from other Adobe cloud-based programs. Another feature that was excluded is text-to-voice. It would have been a supplementary tool for the visually impaired.


Adobe Reader Lite did not forgo the security features common amongst Adobe products. This is because internet sleuths and hackers can insert malicious code in a PDF file. You will find the Security settings in the Preferences section. The job of security is to send malware or viruses to an isolated environment that mimics an end-user operating environment.

This keeps the threat far away from your device, keeping your sensitive data and intellectual properties protected from unauthorized individuals. Similar to the full-featured version, Adobe Reader Lite does not have the ability to apply passwords to your file. Should you need to keep the contents of your PDF private, Adobe Acrobat allows you to set a password, define the author, and include other users that can view, edit, and print the document.

Useful productivity program

Adobe Reader Lite is a suitable program for users that need to open portable document formats quickly. Its main focus is to help users read their document rather than edit it. There are a few editing features should the need to annotate, highlight, or sign arise. What is important to remember is that it keeps your device protected, not the contents of your document. Overall, Adobe Reader Lite is a casual user’s alternative to the Adobe Reader DC as it only contains the essential features and is easy on your computer.

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Moon+ Reader is an app that provides various customization options and supports all major formats to help you go through eBooks on the go.
Read more about Moon+ Reader

The mobile solution comes in two different forms: a free version and a Pro version – that does not show ads and offers additional features. Both of them support all major eBook formats, including EPUB, PDF, TXT, HTML, OPDS, MOBI, FB2, CHM, CBR, CBZ, UMD, RAR, and ZIP.

The software enables you to read thousands of eBooks for free, whether you already have them stored in your device or you decide to download publications from the recommended online libraries.

Enhance your general knowledge and choose the eBooks you want to go through within the next days or weeks, in any category and language. Select your favorites, customize the bookshelf design for a pleasant visual experience and sort writings by the author, title or import date.

Furthermore, while reading, you can make annotations on text, highlight words or paragraphs, translate terms, access dictionary, check your progress and enable the “Night Theme” to protect your eyes from the blue light.

Upgrade to the Pro version if you aim to get more background images and fonts, password protection, customer email support, and other benefits.


  • Read eBooks stored in your device or download them from online libraries
  • Make annotations, highlight words and see the dictionary
  • Enable the blue light filter
  • Support for all major eBook formats

What's new in Moon+ Reader APK 6.5:

  • Optimize Text-To-Speech in screen off state
  • Optimize image content rendering
  • Optimize web book downloading
  • 'Name replacement Role reversal' can apply single book
  • 'Visual Options - Save as theme' can apply sing book

For more information on downloading Moon+ Reader to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.

Other Moon+ Reader APK versions (18):

  • Moon+ Reader 6.92021-08-20
  • Moon+ Reader 6.82021-08-06
  • Moon+ Reader 6.72021-07-06
  • Moon+ Reader 6.42021-01-05
  • Moon+ Reader 6.22020-11-19
  • Moon+ Reader 6.12020-09-08
  • Moon+ Reader 5.2.92020-07-10
  • Moon+ Reader 5.2.72020-03-20
  • Moon+ Reader 5.2.52020-02-12
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  • Moon+ Reader 5.12019-08-07
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  • Moon+ Reader 5.0.12019-05-15
  • Moon+ Reader 4.5.72019-03-04
  • Moon+ Reader 4.5.62019-02-20
  • Moon+ Reader 4.5.5b2018-12-27
  • Moon+ Reader 4.5.52018-12-21
  • Moon+ Reader 4.5.42018-11-13
New in Moon+ Reader 6.5:
  • Optimize Text-To-Speech in screen off state
  • Optimize image content rendering
  • Optimize web book downloading
  • 'Name replacement Role reversal' can apply single book
  • 'Visual Options - Save as theme' can apply sing book

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How To Check And Update Adobe Reader - Security Central

Moon+ Reader 6.5 (OLD)

Acrobat 6.0 Standard

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Adobe Reader 6.5 Free Download

How To Install Adobe Acrobat Reader: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

22.9 MB
API Minimum:
16 - Android 4.1.x (Jelly Bean)
API Target:
29 - Android 10