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Adobe Themes Download

One of the best things about being part of the Adobe family is the enormous community of creators who share resources like Premiere Pro templates. If you aren’t yet aware of the magic of templates, then prepare to be amazed. We’ve put together 45 of the best free templates for Adobe Premiere Pro! You’ll find transitions, titles, logo reveal templates, and more on this list.

  1. Adobe Themes Download For Pc
  2. Adobe Color Themes Download
  3. Adobe Themes Download For Windows 7
  4. Adobe Themes Download For Chrome
  5. Adobe Color Themes Download
  6. Adobe Color Theme Library
  7. Adobe Muse Themes Free Download

Videohive is also a great source of title templates for Adobe After Effects, as it offers more than 5000 titles and intros that are compatible with this software. Furthermore, you can download presets for both Premiere Pro and After Effects that can be used to create stop-motion animations, perform color correction, or make the footage look. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software is the free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents. And now, it's connected to the Adobe Document Cloud − making it easier than ever to work across computers and mobile devices. Jul 01, 2021 Themes you save to your libraries on the web will automatically be synced to your desktop applications. Find your saved themes in the Libraries panel in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects. Apply colors by clicking the swatch in a theme, or by right-clicking and selecting Add to swatches in the menu. Today, Adobe XD is a platform used by even the biggest brands and professionals. Adobe XD excels at many things and one of its best uses is designing websites. The software offers a set of amazing tools for crafting beautiful web user experiences. And makes the process even simpler with its support for templates.

Sure, these can be created from scratch, but why spend the time and effort doing every video edit yourself? You might think using a template is a bit of a cheat, but the fact is, they shorten your editing time, add flair to your work, and bring your video to life. Of course, templates will never take the place of good editing, but they certainly make your life as a video editor easier!

Part 1: 45 Free Premiere Pro Templates


Adobe Themes Download For Pc

1. Shuffle Transitions

A collection of 14 easy-to-use transitions to add a little something extra to your edit.

2. Blur Transitions

15 stylish transitions that create a blur effect between clips or photos. These can also be applied to titles or logos and features 4k and full HD versions.

3. Ink Transitions

An elegant, eye-catching set of fluid ink transitions, for your inner artist. Just drag and drop to get editing!

4. Flash & Burn Transitions

12 fun, glitchy transitions to add some quirk to your vid. This template will amp up the mood in your next project.

5. Strobe Transitions

15 flashy, dynamic effects to add some pro to your next edit. It’s easy to get started, so what are you waiting for?

6. Glitch Transitions

Adobe themes download for mac

You can never have too many glitch transitions. Here are 10 unique glitches to add some spice.

7. Graphic Transitions

Add some color to videos with these unique, simple, and easy-to-use transitions. Everything is editable in seconds flat.

We also have an in-depth tutorial on how to use Premiere Pro transitions if you’re ready to dive into your edits.


8. 14 Free Wedding Titles

Elegant titles for when you’re creating a classy title for someone’s special day. This template is super simple to use, so you can get started right away.

9. Stylish Titles

For these stylish titles, you may need to download the fonts used. Worth it, though -— they’re bold, funky, and add some pizzazz to your work.

10. Unfolding Titles

10 easily customizable folding titles to play with and 2 different unfold effects. Available in 4k and full HD versions.

11. Advanced Titles

These titles are more geared towards advertising, and Videezy offers a wide variety of advanced titles for you to choose from.

12. Lower Thirds

Lower thirds have never been so easy! Fully customizable, from color to text.

13. Super Titles

A versatile, motion graphics template that is almost unlimited in its customization options!

14. Flicker Light Titles

A cool neon light title for those videos that need a bit of a modern flash. Easily switch up the colors for whatever project you’re working on!

15. Painted Titles

Bright, artsy titles that are sure to catch the eye. This pack can be upgraded for more customization options.

Adobe Color Themes Download


Perfect for highlighting that bit of text in a cute, casual way. Get these 6 different quote designs!

17. Super Simple Titles

Take your edit from amateur to pro with this easy-to-use animated text template. No plugins are required!

18. Simple Lower Thirds

Stylish and fully editable, pre-animated lower thirds. You will need to subscribe to download this one but rest assured, it is free of charge!

Ready to get started? We have a Premiere Pro text editing tutorial that you’re sure to appreciate here.

Slideshows & Intros

19. Rhythm Typography Intro

With amazing text animations and dynamic transitions, this is one comprehensive opener.

20. Inspire Travel Opener

A busy but striking rolling design, perfect for showing off photographs. Contains 19 photo placeholders and 7 editable text layers.

Adobe Themes Download For Windows 7

21. Modern Corporate

A smart, fully color customizable design that adds a professional touch to your edit. In this template, you’ll find lots of text placeholders, for when you need to write a little more.

22. Tech Channel Intro

A stylish tech-themed intro. There’s no text or logo placeholder here, so simply add your own text or logo over the top of it.

23. 2D Shape Intro

A simple but effective background template. Just add text!

Logo Reveals

24. Free Brush Style Logo

Add some street-style flair to your logo. Three different backgrounds and editable text make this a raw, grungy style reveal.

25. Jumpy Logo

A catchy and fast logo reveal for a wow intro to any video! Works with HD footage.

26. Unlock Phone Logo Reveal

A modern, social media-oriented template that you can customize to suit you.

27. Gradients Logo

A simple but funky logo reveal. Unfortunately, the color can’t be changed, but you can add your own logo and tagline.

28. Free Photo Logo Reveal

A bold, striking, and fast-paced logo reveal. All in full HD resolution.

Edit Templates

29. Inspired Edit

A comprehensive, fully kitted-out edit. Just add your photos, videos, and text into the template.

30. Fast Action Stomp Opener

A seriously comprehensive opener template with 25 media placeholders, 25 titles, and a logo space … Free music included!

31. Video Intro

High energy, in-your-face opener presentation! Choose from 7 titles and 18 placeholder timelines.

32. All In One

Adobe Themes Download For Chrome

5 titles, 2 transitions, and a logo reveal. Everything you need to make a perfect video presentation!

Adobe Color Themes Download

33. Deadpool Pancake Timeline

An efficient, two-timeline workspace for super streamlined editing! Get the cool Deadpool movie look for your next film.

34. Free Premiere Pro Templates

A stylish black and white edit with 21 placeholders, 15 titles, and a logo reveal. Great for sports promo videos!

Adobe Color Theme Library

35. Plank Split

Adobe Muse Themes Free Download

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  • Good Friday and Easter Worship Promo Pack - Premiere Pro
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