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Blank Jpg File Download

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Nobody enjoys receiving plain and boring invoices—professionalize your work and wow clients with this collection of invoice templates.

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All business owners know that invoicing is a prerequisite for their business operations—it must be done, and should be done on time.

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However, there are no requirements when it comes to the visual aspect of invoices. As long as you include all the essential info (and nothing comes as a surprise for your clients)—you’re free to customize how your invoices look.

You can go old-school with a plain sheet of paper—or better, use one of the professional invoice templates below.

How to Download Free Invoice Templates in Word Format

  1. Scroll through this list, click on the template you like.

  2. Our site will open the template in a new tab, in our Edit tool.

  3. All done, download your blank invoice in Word.

We store files as PDFs—which is why you need to convert files to Microsoft Word format in the steps above.

Once you have the Word templates on your computer—they are fully customizable for your needs. You can add text, remove images, import your company logo—whatever you need to prepare and send an invoice.

Blank Jpg File Download

And without further ado, here are the free invoice templates in Word format—in no particular order.

All 10 Invoice Templates in Word for Your Choosing

1: Black and White Invoice

The above is just a no-frills and easy-to-fill template in MS Word format. You have plenty of space for line items, client info, and whatever you need to notify clients.

2: Black and White Invoice with Zigzag Lines

Similar to the above, with added illustrations. Feel free to save a new blank version for further use.

3: Blue and White Invoice

A lightweight invoice—great when you need to import files to invoicing software. You don’t even need a logo for this one.

4: Purple and Teal Invoice

Personalize your template with a thank-you message for your client with your invoice. Also, don’t forget to customize our invoices if you require additional data, e.g., payment terms and addresses.

5: Blue and Pink Invoice

Add some colors to your documents. Anyone can use this invoice, from small businesses to medium-sized enterprises.

6: Another Blue and Pink Invoice

This invoice is for the flashy bunch. It has all the essentials, plus room to add additional info if needed. Remember to change the business name at the very top!

7: Teal and White Invoice


It seems that this template was curated for art-studios/creative shops. Regardless, you can always remove the header image for a cleaner invoice. But hey, service invoices don’t always have to be dull!

8: Scarlet and White Invoice

Pro tip: If you don’t email or post your invoices to clients, you can always export them to Google Sheets or Google Docs. Google Drive offers functions to export Microsoft Word files to their native formats.


9: Multi-colored Invoice

This one is for the party goers or party planners, with added confetti. Remember, you can create an invoice from the same template—just remember to save a blank copy to your local hard drive.

10: Sending Digital Invoices Made Easy

This one is for the party goers or party planners, with added confetti. Remember, you can create an invoice from the same template—just remember to save a blank copy to your local hard drive.

Sending Digital Invoices Made Easy

Do you ever need help with digital documents? Other than online invoices, there are checks, debit vouchers, deposit slips, and numerous other types of files that you may need to process.

Blank Jpg File Downloads

Other than templates, we offer 20+ tools to convert, compress, and edit files—for anybody to use. Check them out via our homepage!

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