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Default Htaccess File For Wordpress Download

CMS Default.htaccess Files In the event you need to restore the default.htaccess file for a specific CMS script, such as WordPress or Joomla, you can use the code provided within this section to directly copy into your.htaccess file. Click any button to pop up a box containing.htaccess code. WordPress MultiSite - Subdirectory. Making an empty file, at this point, should be easy enough. Right-click in your file manager or FTP client and select create new file option. Once you are done with it, name your file.htaccess. Now for the final step, paste the default WordPress.htaccess code into your new file. To do this, right-click on the new file and choose the edit option. Download.htaccess File. Depending on your operating system, double check the download to see if the dot '.' Is in front of the file name. If not, just rename to '.htaccess' when uploaded on the server. Example Commands with.htaccess File. Here are a few of the most common commands that are used with a.htaccess file. Main Directory Option. With that said, let’s say the the default.htaccess file looks like this: Nothing out of the ordinary. But if the server has made changes to the web server and has, say, enabled the PHP5 module, then you may need to add a directive to the file instructing the server to use a handler for PHP5. Download Default Htaccess File Wordpress1, How To Add Responsive Table In Wordpress, Bitcoin Wordpress Widget Bitcoin Ethereum Wordpress Widget, Cleaning Business Themes Wordpress 4.9/5 5 Star Rating ×.

This article will be useful to those who have lost the default .htaccess file from the WordPress site or to those who wants to create right .htaccess file for different purposes. It is necessary if you use Apache web server.

When you download and install WordPress on an Apache server, it should already come with an .htaccess file. But since this file is hidden, you must enable the display of hidden files on your system. We have a detailed guide on how to find the .htaccess file. However, in some cases, this file may be missing, or be accidentally deleted. In this situation, we recommend creating the .htaccess file manually.

Default Htaccess File For Wordpress Download

When talking about the best blogging system, WordPress always comes out on top. Despite the fact that WordPress most often acts as a Content Management System (CMS), his main function remains to manage a blog. In today’s guide, we will try to explain the meaning of the WordPress .htaccess file and show how to create it(also, you can check our WordPress Pricing table plugin).

The steps below will show how to create a file in test hosting. However, the sequence of actions should not differ much from your cPanel. You can also create a file on your computer and then upload it using an FTP client.

How to create WordPress default .htaccess file

To create an .htaccess file, simply navigate to the root directory of your WordPress site. This is usually the public_html directory. Next, create a text file and name it .htaccess.

Open the file with text editor. The .htaccess file contains several lines of code that are standard server settings. In WordPress, .htaccess should look something like this:

Default Htaccess File For Wordpress Download

Just copy this code and paste it into the created .htaccess file. Save changes and exit.

You have created your own .htaccess file. Now visit your website and check if everything is working correctly, as incorrect file configuration may result 500 internal server error(also, check the – Best WordPress eCommerce plugins).


Default Htaccess File For Wordpress Downloader


The .htaccess file is required for WordPress to work properly. It can provide several useful functions for the server, especially those related to security.

Now that you have gained a basic understanding of the important .htaccess file for WordPress, you can continue to explore its potential for improving your WordPress project.

What is the .htaccess file?

If you are a newbie developer, there is a possibility that you are not very familiar with the .htaccess file. There is a reason for this, this file is hidden by default and is located in the root directory of your site. If this file is there at all, which is not rare.

Htaccess File Code

Default htaccess file for wordpress downloads

This file can be used for any type of website. Any site that is located on the Apache server can use the .htaccess file. .Htaccess itself is a server configuration file. When you start your site, the server searches for this file and, if it is in the directory of your site, executes it.

The purpose of the .htaccess file is to change certain settings of the Apache server. Therefore, it is very useful to enable and disable some server functions. For example, it is used to create a redirect from an address without www to www and vice versa. Another application is to change permissions for certain files, block bots, or block IP’s. It can also be useful for enhancing WordPress security. This file is very useful when working with WordPress, since you can change the settings to suit your needs(also, check this useful post – WordPress robots.txt).

Wordpress Generate Htaccess File

Correct .htaccess for WordPress site

Here is the code for the improved .htaccess file for WordPress, you can pile up a lot of things in it, but this is the basis, which you must put instead of the standard one:

Well, now let’s look at all parts of the code that we added to the standard version of the file.

Default Htaccess File For Wordpress Download Pdf

This part of the code is responsible for 301 redirects from duplicate pages, so as not to spray weight and don’t have any problems with google(also, check the – WordPress scroll plugin):

This part is responsible for closing the listing of files and folders on the server:

Protecting the wp-config.php file from unauthorized access so as not to steal data from our database:

Wordpress Htaccess Example

This part of the code is responsible for protecting the htaccess file itself, as mentioned above from unauthorized access:

Htaccess For Wordpress

In general, it’s everything that we wanted to tell and show today. Thanks for reading, share with your friends if you like this post.