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Download A Vimeo Video To Iphone

VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is an online video downloader which enables you download videos from YouTube to your iPhone in a quick and direct way. Within clicks, your favorite YouTube clips that used to be prevented from saving into your iPhone hard drive before now turn be a piece of cake. Firstly, download Google Play Movies & TV on your iOS device. There is a freely available app for it that you can find on the App Store. After getting its subscription, you can download movies to watch offline. All you need to do is look for the movie of your choice and tap on the download icon.

Downloading online videos from websites to an iPhone for offline watching is always in great need. In addition to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, some of you may also need to download videos from Vimeo. Given that, I will show you four proven ways on how to save Vimeo videos to iPhone easily. Read on to check the details and apply one of the tips to get the videos you like from Vimeo to your iPhone within minutes.

Vimeo Download: Get free music from, download Vimeo videos to MP3 format easily by Vimeo to MP3 Downloader. Read the article carefully to learn how to download audio from Vimeo directly for your iPhone 5/ iPad Mini/ iPod Touch. Open vimeo-downloader in a web browser. All of the sites that do this sort of thing are a little sketchy, so make sure you're careful about not agreeing to notifications. (Image credit: vimeo.

Method 1. How to Download Vimeo Videos to iPhone with Free Video Downloader

Supports: Download videos from Vimeo to iPhone/iPad or computer

With the free video downloader for PC, you will be able to save Vimeo videos to your computer or iPhone/iPad/iPod directly. Other than Vimeo, it also supports other 1000+ sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, and more.

Besides, the video download feature also works to download online audio files to your computer or mobile device. For example, you can download music from SoundCloud to your device for offline listening.

To download Vimeo videos to iPhone:

Step 1. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone/iPad to computer. Start EaseUS MobiMover, when you see a notification asking you whether to trust this computer, click 'Trust'. Then, choose the 'Video Downloader' feature, and select to download Vimeo videos to your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Copy the URL of the Vimeo video in the bar and then click the 'Download' button.

Step 3. Then MobiMover will quickly analyze the URL and download the Vimeo video to your iPhone/iPad. When it has finished, you can find the video in TV > Library > Movies on your iOS device.

As you may have noticed, there are also data transfer features in EaseUS MobiMover. If you need to transfer files between your iPhone and a computer or between two iDevices, you can use this tool to get it done. Photos, videos, music, ringtones, contacts, books, and more are all supported.

Method 2. How to Save Vimeo Videos to iPhone with Online Video Downloader

How To Download Videos From Your Iphone

Apart from desktop programs, there are online video downloaders that also enable you to download videos from Vimeo. However, such tools are generally compatible with desktop browsers. Thus, you need to download Vimeo videos to your computer first, and then transfer videos from computer to iPhone.

Online video downloaders are quite easy and convenient to use. But there are some potential issues that may occur. For example, you may be interrupted by unexpected ads or redirections. Given that, you should be careful while choosing such a tool to apply.

Here I'd like to take one of them as an example.

To download videos from Vimeo to iPhone:

Step 1. Go to and play the video you want to download.

Step 2. Copy the video address from the address bar and visit the online video downloader.

Download Vimeo Video To Iphone

Step 3. Paste the video address in the address box and tap 'Download'.

Step 4. Then you will see different download options that show different video quality.

Step 5. Choose one of the options and you will go to a video playing page. Click 'More' > 'Download' to save the Vimeo video to your computer.

Step 6. When it has done, go to the 'Downloads' folder to check the item and then transfer the video from computer to iPhone.

Method 3. How to Download Videos from Vimeo to iPhone with Browser Extension

Another equally easy way to get videos from Vimeo onto your iPhone is to use a video downloader extension. Unlike using a desktop or online video downloader, using a browser extension frees you from copying the video URL and enables you to download the video directly by clicking the 'Download' button shown over or near the video.

To download a Vimeo video to iPhone via Chrome:

Step 1. Go to the Chrome web store and search for Vimeo video downloader.

Step 2. Add the one you like best to your browser and restart your browser if required.

Download A Vimeo Video To Iphone

Step 3. Go to Vimeo and play the video you want to downloader to your iPhone.

Step 4. Click the 'Download' button over/near the video to save it to your computer. If you don't see the download button, you can click the video downloader icon shown on the browser to check for download options.


Step 5. Go to the 'Downloads' folder on your computer to check the video and then transfer the video to your iPhone following the guide given in Method 2.

Method 4. How to Save a Vimeo Video on iPhone via Mobile App

Download vimeo video iphone

If you prefer to download a video from Vimeo to your iPhone directly, you need the help of mobile apps. According to Vimeo, you can download videos to your iPhone or iPad using the seller's app.

However, unlike using the methods above that help to download Vimeo videos to your iPhone permanently, if you use the mobile app to save Vimeo videos to your iPhone, the time the video remains available for offline watching on your iPhone is limited for some videos and you can only watch the video within the app. Thus, if you want to save video files to your iPhone or iPad permanently, use one of the three methods above instead.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to download Vimeo videos to your iPhone or your computer, you can find the solution to do it from the methods above. For you to make a better choice:

  • EaseUS MobiMover allows you to save a Vimeo video to your iPhone or computer and also supports man other sites.
  • An online video downloader helps to download a video from Vimeo without installing a program or extension.
  • A browser extension enables you to download videos from Vimeo to your iPhone without copying the URL but only works with Vimeo.
  • A mobile app works well without a computer but it can't keep some videos permanently.

Carry out the way best suited to your needs to download Vimeo videos to your iPhone with ease.

Benefiting from the perfect performance and smooth operation, iPhone takes quite amount of shares in the market of mobile. Actually, the smart phone today is more than a simple device for calling or messaging, it also comes with the functions for entertainment, such as listening to music, watching videos, playing games, taking photos and many more. Thanks to the great portability, watching videos on iPhone is a nice choice wherever you are.

Although there’re thousands of videos available on iTunes Store, many of them require users to pay for downloading. As for the problem about how to download free videos to iPhone, you may check the following parts to learn some reliable solutions.

Professional method to download videos for iPhone

Using Apowersoft Video Download Capture

Put Video To Iphone

You may consider downloading videos to iPhone with Apowersoft Video Download Capture which supports various video sites including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Movie4k, etc. This application can finely grab online streams with great quality and transfer downloaded media file to your iPhone. In the meanwhile, it comes with a video detector that can automatically detect the webpage video and add to downloading list. You will find this trick so convenient and practical. Furthermore, the additional functions like video converter and screen recorder are good to use as well. You can do as follow to operate this iPhone video downloader.

Step 1: Download video

  • Download and install this video downloader for iPhone on your computer and then launch it.
  • Open the page of the target video and then copy the URL.
  • Launch the program and click “Paste URL” button.

How Can I Download Films To My Iphone Xr

Step 2: Import video to iPhone

  • Go to the tab of “Completed” when downloading is finished.
  • Right click the desired item and then choose “Add to iTunes”.

Tips: To save YouTube video to iPhone with ease, you can also make use of video detector which can detect and download videos directly. Click “Enable detector” at the bottom of the interface. Afterwards, the program will download video automatically once it detects online streams successfully.

Additional functions

1. Screen recording

Download A Vimeo Video To Iphone Online

How Can I Download Films To My Iphone 7

For those videos encrypted with special protocols, it’s advisable to record the videos. As this video downloader is equipped with a powerful screen recorder that can perfectly capture all the screen activity with sounds.

2. Video converting and editing

You can also perform further jobs in media file converting and editing with the built-in converter. It provides multiple formats for converting and multiple editing options, like trimming, cropping, adding watermark and subtitle, correct video color, etc.

(Optional) How to edit videos after downloading

If the video we downloaded is a long one, it will take up a lot of memory of our iPhone. Or if videos are divided into small clips, we will need to merge them into one. Under such a situation, we need a video editor for help. Video Download Capture have got the simple editing function already. But it will not be that helpful when we need to do some advanced editing for the videos we downloaded, for example, add annotation, add funny stickers or even make picture-in-picture videos. Under such a situation, a handy yet professional video editor is required and BeeCut is the one that should be advised to use. It not only allows people to split, crop or merge videos, but also offers a number of editing tools for people to use – filters, transitions, texts, overlays, mosaic and zoom, etc. Download the software now if you happened to have such needs.

Smart app to export video to iPhone

There’s a web-based application that can help you export video to iPhone more easily. It’s called AirMore designed for transferring data between mobile and computer. First of all, you need to download AirMore app on your iPhone. And then, navigate to the site of on your PC. Open AirMore app on your iPhone and sacen the QR code on webpage to connect mobile and computer. Go to the tab of “Videos” and then click “Import” > “Import Files” to browse the downloaded video. You download AirMore app by clicking the button below.

Mobile Apps to download free videos to iPhone

Absolutely, it’s feasible to do this job on your iPhone directly. Below, I’d like to share some workable apps.

Download A Vimeo Video To Iphone Free

1. Document 5

Document 5 is a popular app that can be used to manage your files, read PDF file and play media file on iPhone. Also, it empowers users to surf internet in-app, so that the users can easily read, view and download any types of file to their computer. Actually, it also features a practical trick for you to download YouTube video for iPhone. To know how to use this app, you may check the instructions below.

Download A Vimeo Video To Iphone From Computer

  • Download Document 5 on your iPhone.
  • Open the app and then go to the browser by clicking Safari icon.
  • Visit the site of
  • Go back to Home and open YouTube app.
  • Copy the video URL you wish to download.
  • Resume to Document 5 and paste URL and then tap “Blue Go”.
  • Locate to Drop down list when the green “Download” button is shown.
  • Choose preferred format and then start downloading.
  • Drag the video file to your camera roll when the downloading is completed.

2. Myvid Video Downloader

Another downloading app is Myvid Video Downloader. This tool enables users to watch web video and download flash video to iPhone easily. Also, upon this app, you will find that there’re some options for you to share the video with others via email, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Since it was designed with a straight-forward interface, users can operate it effortlessly. The exact steps are as below.

  • Install the app on your mobile and then open it.
  • Search a video that you want to download.
  • Copy and paste the video URL on address bar and then press “Save” button.
  • Rename and set password (optional) for your video, and then the downloading task will start.

Bottom line

All of those solutions can help you finely download video to iPhone 6/6s and even iPhone 7. When viewing them generally, Apowersoft Video Downloader Capture is much more powerful, because it supports more video sites and more awesome functions.