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Download Dropbox Photos To Iphone

Why need to download multiple photos from Dropbox to iPhone?

Is it possible to download multiple photos from Dropbox to iPhone? I have seen this question posted in years past and responses have said it was a popular request that was being worked on. I have half of my iPhone photos in Dropbox only because I had Dropbox long before I had iCloud. Maybe, your problem to get the photos into the Camera Roll is due to using Dropbox and not one of Apple's own provided tools to transfer the photos, see the list of possibilities to transfer photos between devices. For example, Photo Stream would save the photos automatically to the Camera Roll. Or use iTunes Photos sync.

Dec 13, 2021 Download Videos from Dropbox to Camera Roll. If you are using the latest version of Dropbox for iOS, you can download any videos from Dropbox to Camera roll on iPhone or iPad in just three easy steps. Download Pictures From Dropbox To Computer.

Recently, more and more people use online cloud storage to store files, particularly photos. Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage that offers 2GB free cloud storage for registered users. So, many people store a number of files such as movies, musics, zipped files, particularly photos on Dropbox to keep a backup and free up iPhone memory.

Meanwhile, you can also download or save files to your iPhone that are present in Dropbox. Generally, Dropbox offers two ways to download photos to iPhone. First one is using the Dropbox desktop/mobile app and another one is through its official website.

However, Dropbox’s mobile app doesn’t support exporting multiple photos at once, you have to download them one by one. Therefore, if you want to download multiple or all photos from Dropbox to iPhone, you should download photos from Dropbox desktop app or website to computer first, and then connect iPhone to computer and transfer photos from PC to iPhone.

How to download multiple photos from Dropbox to iPhone?

Here, we will show you how to download multiple or all photos from Dropbox with Dropbox website.

1. Log in on Dropbox’s official website with your account and password.

2. Click Files in homepage > Select the folder with photos you want to download. For example, I placed photos in a folder named “Pics

3. Click the selected folder to view these pictures > Select the photos you want to download > Click Download button to export all of them to your computer.

Note: The folder will be saved as a Zip file, you need to uncompress it. And some files are not downloadable to iOS gadgets. When it happens, you will get the message stating that your device doesn’t support the file format. Some of these formats are Ex or MOV video files.

4. Now, you can connect to your iPhone to your computer, then, transfer the downloaded photo from computer to your iPhone/iPad/iPod with iTunes by these steps:

Connect your iPhone to computer > Run iTunes > Click Photos tab >Check Sync Photos > Select the folder with the photos downloaded from Dropbox > Click Apply to sync photos from Dropbox to iPhone.

Bonus Tip: An easier way to keep a backup of your photos

Although Dropbox is a good way to store your photos without consuming iPhone memory, downloading multiple or all photos from Dropbox to iPhone do not feel so convenient. And the free storage space of Dropbox is only 2GB, which may be run out quickly. Therefore, if you need to backup your photos, you can turn to an easier way to achieve it with AOMEI MBackupper.


Dropbox Iphone Photo Sync

AOMEI MBackupper is a free iPhone backup expert for Windows PCs, which supports most iPhone models from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 13. With it, you can backup not only photos, but also videos, music, messages, and contacts from iPhone to computer easily and quickly. What’s more, with only a few clicks, it can also help you restore the whole or part of backed up files from computer to iPhone at any time.

You can download this software and follow the steps below to backup photos on your iPhone if needed.

1. Download and launch AOMEI MBackupper. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and remember to tap Trust This Computer on iPhone.

2. Click 'Transfer to Computer' on AOMEI MBackupper.

3. Click the '+' icon and choose the 'photos'option. Then you can selct the photos you want to backup if you don't want to transfer all pictures to your computer. Click 'OK'.

4. The selected photos will be listed here, click 'Transfer' to backup them to the computer.


From the above, you should know how to download multiple photos from Dropbox to iPhone. As you can see, downloading multiple photos from Dropbox to iPhone can be a really challenging process. So, to backup your photos in an easier way, you can choose AOMEI MBackupper. With the help of it, you can backup your photos to computer and restore photos from computer to iPhone quickly and effortlessly.

You can use the Files app to browse files stored on your device and in your Dropbox account all in one place. To do so, you must have the Dropbox iOS app installed on your device.

To access your Dropbox account in the Files app:

  1. Open the Files app.
  2. Under Locations, you’ll see your Dropbox folder.
  3. Tap your Dropbox folder.

Sync Iphone Photos To Dropbox

Note: If you uninstall the Dropbox iOS app, your Dropbox folder will be removed from the Files app.

What Dropbox features are available on the Files app?

In your Dropbox folder on the Files app, you can:

  • Browse your files
  • View files
  • Download files
    • To download a file, you need access to Wi-Fi or cellular data. If you need to view a file offline, make the file available offline in the Dropbox iOS app
  • Copy files
  • Move files
  • Rename files
  • Edit files
  • Upload files directly to Dropbox from supported apps

If you connected your work and personal Dropbox accounts on your phone, you'll see both folders.

What Dropbox features are not available on the Files app?

Some Dropbox features aren't available from the Files app. These features include:

Dropbox Auto Upload Photos

  • Managing shared folder sharing settings.
  • Searching the entire Dropbox folder (search is limited to only the current folder you're browsing, and to recently opened folders)
  • Real-time collaboration on files (currently, if two people edit a file at the same time, they create conflicted copies)
  • Syncing Favorites from the Dropbox iOS app to the Files app
  • Commenting on files
  • Opening folders with more than 10,000 files or folders
  • Recovering recently deleted Dropbox files from the Recently Deleted menu
  • Previewing 'bundle' files, like Garageband, Ominoutliner, and iWork '09 documents (you may see Authentication error when trying to open these files)
  • Moving files or folders to a folder that you havent opened yet (some folders aren't listed as possible locations unless you open that folder before attempting the move)
  • If a passcode is set up for the Dropbox app, your Dropbox folder isn’t available in the Files app
  • Accessing files in the Dropbox folder while offline
  • Syncing tags or colors in the Files app

Upload Iphone Pictures To Dropbox

While we work to improve the Dropbox integration with the Files app, you can use the Dropbox iOS app to access some of these features as usual.