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Download Dummy Video File

If you are looking for the Sample MOV Video clips for testing your software or App then you have come to the right place.Appsloveworld offers you free MOV files video for testing OR demo can download sample MOV videos in different sizes like 1280*720,720*480,320*240.

Download Dummy Video FileDownload Dummy Video File

Sample MOV Videos

Run Virtualdub.exe and open the video file by using File Open or drag and drop. If you wish to save every frame of a small video file to images, skip to step 5. Go to Video Frame rate (Ctrl+R) and select Decimate by, then enter a number to save an image every xx number of frames.

Duration- 1 minutes
Codec: MPEG-4 Video (mp4v)
Video resolution: 1920×1080(FULL HD)
Video Size:13 mb
Aspect Ratio- 16:9
Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
Sample rate: 48000 Hz
Download Dummy Video File

Large Sample File

Duration- 0:12 minutes
Codec– MPEG-4 Video (mp4v)
Video resolution- 1920×1080
Video Size:3 mb
Frames Per Second- 25
Aspect Ratio- 16:9
Color primaries- ITU-R BT.709
  1. Sample Files Download. If you need example / dummy files for testing or demo and presentation purpose, this is a great place for you. The files might be useful for testing upload, HTML5 videos etc. All files are free to download and use. We care for our content. All files are safe from viruses and adults-only content.
  2. Online Random file generator. In Files Keywords Thanks to. Keywords: creator, creates, generator, generates, dummy, files, garbage, bytes, bits, data, information. Generates dummy test files of any size with ease, composed by random garbage bytes, with options to set the number of files and filenames.
  3. Dummy File Creator is a simple program which generates files of any size with ease. Very useful for disk speed test, CD burning test, network speed test, or simply create files to fool your friends.
  4. An illustration of an audio speaker. Sex for dummies by Ruth K. Publication date 1995. Download 1 file. ENCRYPTED DAISY download.
Duration- 0:56 minutes
Codec– MPEG-4 Video (mp4v)
Video resolution- 1920×1080
Video Size:62 mb
Frame rate- 25
Color primaries– ITU-R BT.709

Available Sample Video format

Download files from Google Drive with a computer, Android, or iOS device.

Download a file

  1. Go to
  2. Click a file to download.
    1. To download multiple files, press Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) click any other files.
  3. Right-click click Download.

Tip: You can't drag a file or folder directly to your desktop.

If you can't download a file

If you can't download a file, the owner may have disabled options to print, download, or copy for people with only comment or view access.

Blocked Third-party cookies can prevent Drive Web downloads

Drive Web uses third-party cookies to communicate with Google's secure download server. Blocking third-party cookies in Chrome will prevent you from downloading through Google Drive. If you want to block third-party cookies and still download from Drive, allow third-party cookies for just Drive.

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Dummy file creator download
  1. Type chrome://settings/cookies in the browser address bar press Enter.
  2. Scroll to the 'Sites that can always use cookies' section under 'See all cookies and site data.'
  3. On the right, click Add.
  4. In the “Add a site” window, enter
  5. Make sure to select the check box Including third-party cookies on this site click Add.

Further troubleshooting

If you still have problems downloading files from Drive, you can:

File-examples.comFile Examples Download Download Any Files At Any Size For ...

  • Make sure third-party cookies are allowed for Drive at chrome://settings/cookies.
    • It should say 'Including third-party cookies on this site' below the site exception for If it doesn't, click Trash to remove the site follow steps 2-5 above.
    • Under 'Sites that can never use cookies,' make sure there aren't any entries for,, or This prevents downloads from Google Drive. If you find these sites listed, click Menu Remove.
  • Turn off all extensions and try to download. If you can download a file, turn the extensions on one at a time to identify any with problems.

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