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Download File To Cloud

Today in this article we shall see how to use Python – Upload and Download files Google Cloud Storage.

We shall be using the Python Google storage library to upload files and also download files.

Getting Started


Once you have a reference, you can download files from Cloud Storage in three ways: Download to a buffer in memory; Download to an specific path on the device; Generate an string URL representing the file online; Download in memory. Download the file to a byte buffer in memory using the GetBytes method. This is the easiest way. All downloads from Cloud Storage have the same basic behavior: an HTTP or HTTPS GET request that can include an optional Range header, which defines a specific portion of the object to download. Using this basic download behavior, you can resume interrupted downloads, and you can utilize more advanced download strategies, such as sliced object.

Create any Python application.

Add below Python packages to the application,

Using CLI

Additionally if needed,


Using Requirements.txt

Or you can use file to register the dependencies as explained in the below article,

Please add below namespace to your python files,

Below is sample example for creating New Bucket storage,

Upload a file to Google Cloud Storage using Python

Below is sample example for uploading a file to Google Cloud Storage.

We shall be uploading sample files from the local machine “CloudBlobTest.pdf” to google cloud storage.

The above code will upload the blob with the name “CloudBlobTest.pdf” to the google cloud storage location “thecodebuzz“.

Download a file from Google Storage Bucket using Python

Blob can be downloaded from google storage bucket as a file easily by using the python storage library methods as explained below.

Sample example demonstrates how to download a file from google cloud storage bucket to the local machine file path.

Let’s download the above STEP 1 uploaded file i.e CloudBlobTest.pdf from the GCS bucket.

We shall try downloaded blob from GCS location to below output path which is on the local machine,

Once executed the file will be downloaded to local path.

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