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Download Peer To Peer File Sharing



Ruby P2P OutBreak is a free peer to peer file sharing application to download and share files of various types such as images, movies, audio from the p2p file sharing networks such as Bittorrent, eDonkey 2000, Gnutella 1, Gnutella 2 etc. P2P file sharing is very popular these days across the globe. Ruby P2P OutBreak is a lightweight software. What is Peer-to-Peer File Sharing?Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing allows users to make files available for other users to download and use. When installed your computer, file sharing software enables others to download the user’s files onto their own computers.

Software Requirement

  1. G++ compiler

    • To install G++ :sudo apt-get install g++
  2. OpenSSL library

    • To install OpenSSL library :sudo apt-get install openssl

Platform: Linux




Peer-to-peer Download Sites

  1. Run Tracker:

<TRACKER INFO FILE> contains the IP, Port details of all the trackers.

  1. Close Tracker:


  1. Run Client:
  1. Create user account:
  1. Login:
  1. Create Group:
  1. Join Group:
  1. Leave Group:
  1. List pending requests:
  1. Accept Group Joining Request:
  1. List All Group In Network:
  1. List All sharable Files In Group:
  1. Upload File:
  1. Download File:​

Download Peer To Peer File Sharing In Windows 10

  1. Logout:​

Download Peer To Peer File Sharing Music Downloads

Peer-to-peer networkMusic
  1. Show_downloads: ​
  1. Stop sharing: ​


Download peer to peer file sharing in windows 10

Download Peer To Peer File Sharing Websites

  1. User should create an account and register with tracker.
  2. Login using the user credentials.
  3. Tracker maintains information of clients with their files(shared by client) to assist the clients for the communication between peers.
  4. User can create Group and hence will become admin of that group.
  5. User can fetch list of all Groups in server.
  6. User can join/leave group.
  7. Group admin can accept group join requests.
  8. Share file across group: Shares the filename and SHA1 hash of the complete file as well as piecewise SHA1 with the tracker.
  9. Fetch list of all sharable files in a Group.
  10. Download:
    1. Retrieve peer information from tracker for the file.
    2. Download file from multiple peers (different pieces of file from different peers - ​piece selection algorithm​) simultaneously and all the files which client downloads will be shareable to other users in the same group. File integrity is ensured using SHA1 comparison.
  11. Piece selection algorithm used: Selects random piece and then downloads it from a random peer having that piece.
  12. Show downloads.
  13. Stop sharing file.
  14. Logout - stops sharing all files.
  15. Whenever client logins, all previously shared files before logout should automatically be on sharing mode.


Download Peer To Peer File Sharing Music Downloads

  1. Only one tracker is implemented and that tracker should always be online.
  2. The peer can login from different IP addresses, but the details of his downloads/uploads will not be persistent across sessions.
  3. SHA1 integrity checking doesn't work correctly for binary files, even though in most likelihood the file would have downloaded correctly.
  4. File paths should be absolute.