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Download Russian Keyboard Iphone

The virtual keyboard is one of the most important utility on smartphone. With it, you can type in text messages, search anything in your browser, or rename your files on mobile devices just as what you do on computer. However, many people complained that the white background of keyboard is boring.

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Is there any way to use your photos or any pictures as the keyboard background?

The answer is simple, yes, but the procedures are different depending on the device you are using.

This comprehensive tutorial will show you how to change keyboard background on both iPhone and Android phone simply.

Change Keyboard Background

Part 1: How to change keyboard background on iPhone

It is well known that iOS is a closed operating system, which means that users cannot change the settings. Although Apple tries to release new features into iPhone, you are not permitted to change background of the native keyboard.

The alternative solution is to add a keyboard app from third-party providers on your iPhone, such as Gboard or SwiftKey. We use the latter as the example to show you how-to.

Step 1 Search and install SwiftKey from your App Store. It is free with in-app purchases. Then navigate to Settings -> General -> Keyboard, tap Keyboards and then Edit, touch and drag SwiftKey to the top.

Step 2 Open the SwiftKey app, tap the Themes icon. By default, it offers several cool keyboard backgrounds, and you can make a selection directly.

Step 3 To change keyboard background with your photos, tap the plus icon at upper right corner of the theme screen.

Step 4 When the Camera Roll shows up, select the photo that you want to set as the keyboard background. Tap Next to open the editor screen.

Step 5 After resizing the picture, press Save to change the keyboard background. The next time when you use the virtual keyboard, the background will be set as you wish. (Keyboard not working on iPad?)

Part 2: How to modify keyboard background on Android

If you are using the latest version of Google Keyboard on your Android phone, you are lucky since Google has introduced the background custom option. If not, you can download it from Play Store for free. Bear in mind that this feature is only available to version 5.1.23 or later.

Step 1 Install Google Keyboard on your phone, and open the Settings app from your app drawer, and then head to Language & input -> Keyboard & input methods. Touch current keyboard and select Google Keyboard to set it as default keyboard.

Step 2 Back to the Language & input screen and tap Google Keyboard to open the settings screen.

Step 3 Scroll down and press Theme and tap My Image. Then you will be presented your photo gallery.

Step 4 Select the desired background picture and adjust it to your preferences. Once you are done, tap the Next button.

Step 5 When prompted, adjust the Black Overlay and hit the Done button to confirm it. Now, you can try the picture keyboard in your browser or message apps.

Part 3: How to backup and restore Android keyboard background picture

Sometimes, the picture keyboard background may disappear after software updating. The best way to protect it is to backup with Android Data Backup & Restore.

  • Create a backup for entire phone in a single click.
  • Selective back up certain data types on Android.
  • Keep all data in the original conditions.
  • Add password to Android backup file.
  • Restore lost data from backup quickly.

In a word, it is the best way to back up your keyboard background on any Android device models.

How to backup and restore keyboard background picture

Step 1 Install the best backup tool

There are two versions of Android Data Backup & Restore, one for Windows 10/8/8.1/7 and the other for Mac. Install the right one on your computer and launch it.

Step 2 Create a backup for Android

Turn on the USB Debugging mode on your phone and then connect it to your computer with a USB cable. When it is detected by the backup tool, hit the One-click Backup button to make a backup for your Android phone

Step 3 Restore lost keyboard backgrounds

Any time when you cannot find the keyboard background picture, hook up your phone to the computer and press the One-click Restore button. On the preview window, search for and choose the keyboard background, and decide to restore it to your computer or the smartphone.

Note: To backup and restore keyboard background on iPhone, you need to read: How to backup iPhone.


This tutorial has shared 2 methods to change keyboard background on Android and iPhone. As you can see, users are forbidden to customize the native keyboard. Instead, Google Keyboard, SwiftKey and other third-party keyboard apps provide more custom options, including modify the background pictures. We also recommended Android Data Backup & Restore to help you backup your picture keyboards and retrieve them at any time. Now, you can feel free to design the virtual keyboard on your smartphone and use your photos as the background.

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November 19, 2018 11:00 / Posted by Andrew Miller to Android Troubleshooting

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The iPhone’s built-in keyboard may not be everyone’s cup of tea — it’s got a limited amount of GIFs, autocorrect can be hit-or-miss, and you can’t change the size of the keys to accommodate the larger and smaller iPhone models. Even with the release of iOS 14, the only benefit that comes with the latest software update is the ability to search for emojis — nothing else.

Meanwhile, Android phone owners have been enjoying some of the best third-party Android keyboard apps for quite some time. For years, Swype, SwiftKey, Fleksy, and more took over as the default keyboards in millions of Android smartphones, while iPhone owners looked on enviously. Ever since June 2014, iPhone owners have been downloading alternative iOS keyboards like crazy. Here are our picks for the best keyboards for the iPhone.

Typewise Keyboard (free)

Typewise spaces itself (pun intended) from other third-party keyboard apps with its unique take on key shapes. The app keeps the QWERTY design but switches the traditional rectangle-shaped keys for hexagonal ones — which Typewise claims creates more surface area so you can type more accurately. While there is a slight learning curve, Typewise includes a built-in game to practice typing. With swipe gestures, dark mode support, and autocorrect modification, this is a great alternative for those who are tired of the conventional iOS keyboard.

Grammarly (free)

The headline feature that Grammarly’s iOS keyboard app offers is sophisticated grammar review that goes beyond the usual spell check to offer you advice on punctuation, check spelling contextually, and highlight misused words. It can also help you build your vocabulary and offer synonyms, which makes it an ideal app for students or for business people. Grammarly also has emojis, a smart autocorrect feature, and allows you to build your own dictionary.

Phraseboard Keyboard ($1.99)

Phraseboard aims to take the pain out of the tedious job of typing the same responses over and over by allowing you to save them, so you can just select one of your prewritten answers to reply rapidly. You can create your own customized phrases and sort them by category. You can even quickly access the Phraseboard widget to create new phrases no matter what you’re doing with your iPhone. Don’t worry about having to re-install this keyboard because all your phrases sync with iCloud.

Gboard (free)

Gboard is a keyboard from Google for your iPhone. The keyboard includes everything you’d ever want within a single app. Whether you’re sending GIFs or emojis, searching through Google for information, sending directions, or something else, Gboard has you covered. With Gboard, you can search and send anything from Google, including information on nearby restaurants, videos, images, weather forecasts, news, sports scores, and more. The app also adds Glide Typing, which allows you to type messages faster and more accurately.

Microsoft SwiftKey (free)

Apple Russian Keyboard

The Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS is a smart keyboard that learns from you, adapting to the way you type and picking up on your preferred emojis and slang. It’s loaded with tons of features that make typing even easier, including multilingual support, countless emojis, and speedy swipe typing with SwiftKey Flow. With the app, you can type less, more accurately, and in your own language. SwiftKey offers support for more than 150 languages including four versions of English, two kinds of Portuguese, Italian, German, four kinds of French, and three kinds of Spanish. You can also customize the look and layout of your keyboard.

Fleksy (free)

Fleksy offers users a fun and interactive way to type in your own style. You can customize your Fleksy keyboard with powerful extensions and more than 50 colorful themes. Some of the themes cost $1, but many are free. More than 800 emojis come with the app, and it also has its own built-in GIF search engine. The keyboard supports 42 languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, Dutch, and more. It learns your typing habits as you go, enabling it to give you accurate predictions, which helps cut down on typos.

Go Keyboard (Free)

Go Keyboard offers next-word prediction, swipe typing, emojis, and stickers. This keyboard is very customizable, with tons of themes, custom backgrounds, and even key tones and fonts. The free version supports more than 40 languages. If you opt for the subscription, you can go ad-free and get a wider choice of themes and stickers, but it’s very expensive at $20 per month. If you’re in a country where you need a keyboard in something other than English or Spanish, particularly if you have a need for hard-to-find foreign languages like Thai, Urdu, and Lithuanian, then this is a keyboard you will most certainly want to try out.

Download Russian Keyboard Iphone

Color Keyboard (free)

The king of keyboard customization is Color Keyboard. Sure, it gives you emojis, autocorrection, and even allows you to tap and hold the space bar to be able to move the cursor, but what really sets this keyboard apart is the option to change anything you want about the look of the keyboard. You can change the keyboard background using solid colors, gradients, textures, and even your own pictures. You can also customize the buttons themselves by changing the colors and borders, adding shadows, customizing the fonts, and even changing the sounds. So if your aim is customization, Color Keyboard takes things to the next level, but you have to subscribe to access everything and it’s expensive at $6 a month.

Bitmoji (free)

Bitmoji, a popular keyboard app, is ideal if you want to send an emoji that resembles you rather than using standard emojis or text. Bitmoji allows you to customize and send a personalized emoji, all from your keyboard. Use Bitmoji with any of your most used chat apps, like iMessage or Snapchat.

It’s never been easier to make a dynamic avatar and adapt it with an ever-changing collection of stickers and moods for it. Another convenient feature is that you can use a previously created avatar from Bitstrips. Keep in mind; you’ll need your Facebook login information to sign into Bitmoji and to initiate the avatar creation process.

GIF Keyboard (free)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a GIF can truly help get your point across. Get access today to the massive library of animated and musical GIFs for free. Simply download and enable the GIF keyboard on your smartphone. From there, you can search specific GIFs that you know and love or search for keywords to find some animations that fit your mood.

The GIF keyboard app is compatible with several apps already. You can use it to share GIFs in WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook messenger, iMessage, and just about any other messenger app or social media site. To send your own perfect GIF, press your finger on an existing GIF and hold it down to browse options. Once you’ve found the one you’d like to use, share its link, the GIF itself, a video, or save the media straight to your photo library. You can also customize the tool to match your specifications and save your favorite GIFs using the keyboard.

Check out our lists of the best Android and iOS emoji keyboards to find all of the additional information you may need about installing and using various emoji keyboards. If you’re here because you’re looking for a more fun way to text, also check out our choices for the most entertainingtexting games.

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