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Download Windows Media Player For Samsung Tablet

Windows Media Player is the pre-installed media player and manager on PC. Most Windows users rely on it to enjoy movies, videos, TV shows on their hard disk and DVDs. However, you may wonder whether you can get Windows Media Player for your Android device. Unfortunately, the answer is no; however, you still have many options to get the similar features from the apps that this article will share and review below.

Part 1: Top 5 Windows Media Players for Android

Top 1: VLC for Android

Download Songs with Samsung Music Downloader. The best way to download music on Samsung is using the professional Samsung Music Downloader - Android Assistant (Windows/Mac). With it, you can easily download music from computer to Samsung phone with one click. Open up Windows Media Player and click on “Playlists” to display all your playlists. Next, right-click on the playlist you want to transfer and then click the “Open File Location” command. If you prefer to navigate there in File Explorer, the files are stored in the following location (replacing YourUsername with the. Media Player is a Universa Video Player for Android, you can easily play any video files with the media player. The Media Player can handle all popular video and music formats including: mp3, mp4, wmv, avi, mkv, dv, rm, mp, mpeg ect. Media Player finds all your videos automatically for you. And show format converting of videos. Windows Media Player 10 or above DirectX 9.0C or above. For Windows Mobile 6 devices, use ActiveSync 4.5(Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1(Windows Vista/7). Windows 8 includes Windows Media Player. Windows 8 N and Windows 8 KN editions require Microsoft's 'Media Feature Pack' which.

Platform: Varies with device

Price: Free with in-app donate

VLC for Android is perhaps the most well-known app similar to Windows Media Player. It has made itself the ruler of entertainment in the PC world. On Android too, VLC brings the capability to play both audio and video files.


  1. Open source and free to use.
  2. Manage videos and audio files on Android.
  3. No ads, in-app purchase or other limit.


  1. It still has some bugs, like crash.
  2. The learning curve is not friendly to beginners.

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Top 2: MediaMonkey

Platform: Varies with device

Price: Free with in-app purchase

MediaMonkey is a media player for Android as excellent as Windows Media Player. Though it focused on music playback, you can enjoy video playback and management capacities as well. Plus, it can transfer contents with the PC version.


  1. Sync contents between PC and phone.
  2. Supports most video and music formats.
  3. Stream contents via Chromecast.


  1. Some users report the media lost issue.
  2. It warns on Bluetooth connection in some cases.

Top 3: KODI

Platform: Android 5.0 and up

Price: Free

Download media player

KODI is the Windows Media Player alternative for Android. As an open-source project, everyone can get the media center from Play Store for free. Plus, it is able to turn your smartphone into a remote control.


  1. Browse and view videos on mobile.
  2. Support photos, music, video, and podcast.
  3. Control video playback on TV.


  1. It does not contain any content.
  2. This media player does not support plugins.

Top 4: MX Player

Platform: Varies with device

Price: Free with ads

MX Player is one of the best Windows Media Player for Android tablet and phone free download. It's freely available on the Play Store. Moreover, it can do everything the default media player app can do.


  1. Integrate clean and intuitive screen.
  2. Play videos smoothly due to hardware acceleration.
  3. Support nearly every popular codec and video format.


  1. The free version has banner ads.
  2. You have to pay for $6 to remove ads.

Top 5: PlayerXtreme

Platform: Android 4.4 and up

Price: Free with ads

PlayerXtreme is a very simple alternative to Windows Media Player for Android users. It supports all types of formats and boasts of consuming less battery due to hardware acceleration.


  1. Contain a clean UI
  2. Play HD 1080p videos smoothly
  3. Browse videos in folders similar to Windows.


  1. This media player contains annoying ads.
  2. Some features are hidden in settings screen deeply.

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The biggest downside of Windows Media Player is the limited formats. Many people complained that they cannot play MKV, AVI or other videos in WMP. Therefore, you need an alternative video player for your PC as well. Vidmore Player is the best option, since it can meet all your need on media playback.

Main Features of the Best Alternative to Windows Media Player

  1. Support almost all video and audio formats.
  2. Play Blu-ray discs, DVD, ISO, and more losslessly.
  3. Let you control video and audio playback as professionals.
  4. Fully compatible with WIndows PC and Mac.

Part 2: FAQs about Android Windows Media Player

Why WMP cannot play videos from Android phone?

Windows Media Player just supports limited media file formats, which do not match Android system. If you cannot open an Android video in WMP, you have to convert the video format.

How to install Windows Media Player on Android?

Windows Media Player is not available to Android, but you can install a media player that contains similar features on smartphone or tablet.


This article has identified and shared top 5 media player apps for Android users that are similar to Windows Media Player. They all have unique benefits and advantages. You can follow our review and discover your favorite media player for your mobile device. If are looking for the best alternative to Windows Media Player for your computer, then Vidmore Player should be your best choice.


Windows Media Player is software developed by Microsoft, used to run multiple digital media files. That means you essentially need Windows operating system in order to use this software.

Software details


Download Windows Media Player For Samsung Tablet Windows 10

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Basic file types include audio and video files. In addition, it gives you the capability to view and organize pictures, copy music from Compact Disc (CD), burn CD, shop for media from online stores and sync your digital media. Originally known as Media Player, its first version was released in 1991. Since then it has been upgraded with a lot of additional features. Its latest version is Windows Media Player 12 that is compatible with Windows 7 and above.

Key Features

With a number of media players available online as open source and free-ware, Microsoft continues to be amongst the top players with its unique features in the online media industry:

Modes of Playing

Windows Media Player offers two modes of playing media files: Player Library mode and Now Playing mode. Player Library is a detailed user interface which gives you the choice to organize your media collection. It pulls all digital media files stored on your computer and shows it in Library. From its navigation pane you can choose to sort your music by its genre, artist and album. You can organize and create playlist of your digital media collection like pictures and videos. To create a playlist, simply drag and drop the media file from Details pane to List pane.

In the Now playing mode, minimal controls are visible for the media file currently being played. You can view videos, movies, pictures and listen to music. While playing, you can perform various functions on the file like forward, reverse, fast forward, fast reverse, pause and stop from its playback controls area. You can also select visualizations to view in this mode by right-clicking on the main window.


Probably the most trending feature in almost every application is sharing. Windows Media Player gives this capability to its user with the Now Playing Plug-in. It can automatically share what is currently playing in your player on Facebook and Twitter. You can select from what information about the file you want to share. This plug-in can also collect additional information about the music from online music stores.


Since Windows Media Player is supported by some portable devices including Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, users have the option to sync media to the supported devices. The Sync tab in player library mode guides through the automatic and manual sync process.

Compatibility and support

Windows Media Player is compatible with Windows mobile and some game consoles. It is still in the process of being introduced on other platforms. While it obviously supports Windows Media codecs, it also supports mp3, mp4, wav, mpeg-4 and a number of other media file formats.

Final Say

Windows Media Player is a simple and light-weight media player for Windows. With its friendly-user interface and step-by-step help available in its software as well as online, is an easy-to-use player that anyone can learn easily. With its professional look, it is the best and most preferred media player for Windows.

Windows Media Player For Tablet Download

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