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How To Download A File Using Selenium Webdriver Java

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  1. How To Verify Downloaded File In Selenium Webdriver Java
  2. How To Download A File Using Selenium Webdriver Java Example

I wrote an automation test in selenium java that detects if the page is redirecting (the automation detects if a new page is opened, the page redirects to other page, a new tab is opened and if an alert window is opened)

Now to the of the redirects i can't find any way to detect is an automatic downloaded file (you enter a website and the website automatically downloads a file without any trigger from the user)


Step 2: Once the download is complete, extract the zip file at a location at your convenience. Step 3: Now open the extracted folder and double click on eclipse.exe. The Eclipse will open up, and there you are done with your second prerequisite of this Selenium WebDriver tutorial. Download files in Chrome browser using selenium WebDriver. ChromeOptions and DesiredCapabilities of Chrome in selenium. Find below code to download files in Chrome browser. Sorting array using Java; Easy ways to check Armstrong number in java; Enhanced / advanced for loop in Java. We have seen how to download file in selenium in this article. Like file download scenario, file upload is also frequently used use case in automation testing. In this article, lets learn how to upload a file using Java Selenium Webdriver. For python example, visit our.

I know the download process may differ in each browser,I need it to work mainly on chrome



I had the same question and here is what I found somewhere on the Internet (maybe on stackoverflow, I cannot remember). I just added a line to delete the file so that by calling this method at the beginning of my test, I'm making sure the file does not exist anymore when trying to download it again.

You just have to call with this single line:isFileDownloaded('C:PathToYourFolder', '');

Hope this helps!


My solution in the end was to count the files in the download directory before and after i open the page.

I'll be glad to know if someone knows a way to find the trigger for the download


I am handling a similar condition in my automation.

Step1: set the download path in chrome using chrome preference

Make sure that there is no file with the expected file name in the folder where you are downloading.

Step 2: navigate to the url in chrome, the file will be automatically downloaded to the specified folder.

Step 3: check the file existence in the downloaded folder.

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How To Verify Downloaded File In Selenium Webdriver Java

I used a combined variants from different sources:

  1. Override default download folder:

  2. Method body:

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I developed a library which is dealing more clearly in such case. You can generate a ChromeOptions object with given download folder and use a one line method call to download a file and verify succession:

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during the script execution file download in the download folder of the current user.

Use the Below code to check and download the file

To check file exist or not use the below code:

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----------------every time you need to delete the downloaded file so add this code also---------

-----Add a method under this code-------

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How To Download A File Using Selenium Webdriver Java Example

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