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How To Download File In Javascript

  1. How To Download Base64 File In Javascript
  2. How To Download A File In Javascript

To solve this it was necessary to download the file to memory with an XHR request and then get the browser to open or download it with whatever plugin/UI it normally uses for pdf file. For the XHR request we use the Fetch API with the whatwg-fetch polyfill. In essence the Fetch API fetch method returns a response, from which a blob can be. Feb 11, 2019 I want to be able to download a given file when pressing a button.The file will be provided via an API call.For now, I will have it in my local storage. So my folder is something like: rootFolder -JS file -HTML file -download file (`sample.csv`) How can I create a download link?

There are instances when you want to include a file that your users can download, whether it’s right within your form, on the Autoresponder Emails they get, or on the Thank You page right after form submission.

Nevertheless, no matter where you want to place the download links, the approach is relatively the same. The main goal is to have your file hosted elsewhere and add a link to your form that your users can click to download the file.

Let’s start off with some common use cases:

  • You want to place a downloadable Terms & Conditions PDF file right on the form that they can download and review.
  • You’re selling virtual invitation cards online and want your users to be able to download the image files/templates right after payment.
  • You want to include an additional survey or questionnaire in a Word Document that they need to download from the email that they get after submitting the form.

We need 2 things prepped before proceeding:

  1. Upload your file to any of the following:
    • Cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
    • Your website’s FTP.
    • If the files are just images, use image hosting platforms (e.g. Imgur, Photobucket).
  2. Get the direct download link of your file – a good hint that you got the right URL copied to your clipboard is if it usually ends with the associated file extension (e.g. if it’s a PDF file, the URL usually ends with .pdf).

With the assumption that you now have the direct link to your file, this guide will have three sections which will be explained in detail below.

Adding a Downloadable Link to Your Form

  1. Add a Paragraph element to your form and provide your content (e.g., “Click this link to download the file.”).
  2. Highlight the text that will hold the link.
  3. Click the Insert/Edit Link icon on the toolbar.
  4. Input the URL of the file on the modal popup.
  5. Click OK to complete the setup.
Javascript download file in iframe

How To Download Base64 File In Javascript

The result would look something like this:

Adding a Downloadable Link to the Autoresponder Email Template

  1. Click Settings at the top.
  2. Then Emails on the left. Select your Autoresponder template.
  3. Type in your desired content under the Email Content, then highlight the text that will serve as the link.
  4. Click the Insert/Edit Link icon on the toolbar.
  5. Input the URL of the file.
  6. Click OK to proceed.
  7. Don’t forget to click the Save button.

How To Download A File In Javascript

Adding a Downloadable Link to the Thank You Page

Same steps as the previous one except #2 – instead of clicking Emails on the left, hit the Thank You Page tab. Then select the Show a Thank You Page after submission option.

The same idea and steps apply, just add your desired content, choose a text that will serve as a link then click the Insert/Edit Link icon and enter the file’s URL.

Here’s a demo form that shows all these:

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