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How To Download Free Movies On Iphone 6 Plus

With the larger size and HD display, mobile device like iPhone or iPad now can deliver higher video quality, thus makes it a great platform to watch movies and TV shows. There are plenty of free apps allow you to watch streaming movies free on your Apple TV. Is there any free movie apps for iPhone/iPad? Keep reading this article and here we’ve listed the 12 best free movies apps for iOS devices. Getting your favorite app on your iPhone or iPad to watch hundreds of free streaming movies even when you’re on the go.

Download Movies On iPhone allows you. Feb 4, 2019 - We all want to know how to download Netflix movies onto our iPads or iPhones, especially for long flights and car rides with children, where. Especially watching movies on iPhone (including iPhone X launched recently) whenever you are free, which brings a lot of fun and conveniences. How to download movies on iphone by CRACKLE: MOVIES & TV. Crackle: Movies & TV is an iOS app, genuinely unfastened to download and watch films. Every month a few new movies are added. For the films are all unfastened, there may be a hidden cost – a whole lot of commercials internal motion pictures.

So, a professional DVD to iPhone 6 Plus converter is absolutely necessary for every iPhone 6 Plus users to watch DVD movies unlimitedly. With an appropriate DVD to iPhone 6 Plus converter in hand, the DVD disc incompatibility issue with the iPhone 6 plus will be solved. Aimersoft DVD Ripper is all that you need. How To Download Free Movies On iPhone UPDATE 12/22/19: Follow all the steps except for downloading cotomovies/bobbymovies, the app has been unfortunately shut down and out of service. There are other movie app alternatives in the tweaked app store, however, such as moviebox etc. How to Watch Free Movies on an iPhone or iPad. With free movie apps like Vudu or Crackle, you can use your device to watch free movies on your iPad or iPhone. These apps allow you to stream movies for free, but the downside is that you cannot download them and watch free movies offline. To download films, you need to use paid streaming services.

  • 1. Showbox for iOS
  • 2. Tubi TV
  • 3. Vudu
  • 4. Sling TV
  • 5. Popcornflix
  • 6. SnagFilms
  • 7. Crackle
  • 8. Rewinder
  • 9. Viki
  • 10. Public Domain Movies
  • 11. Viewster
  • 12. Pluto TV

1. Showbox for iOS

The Showbox app is one of the most popular free movie apps for the iOS platform. You should note that Apple removed the app from App Store due to unknown reasons. The app includes a wide range of TV shows, soap operas and free movies. The advantage of it is that you can search, download movies and watch them offline without any active Internet connectivity. Moreover, the app is compatible with all iOS devices with regular updates.

To work with Showbox app, you need to install the vShare app on your PC and connect the iOS device. The app will launch automatically and you will be prompted to verify the security restrictions. You need to search for the presence of the Showbox app inside the vShare to complete the installation process. The app will launch as soon as you finish the installation and enable you to search for movies, TV shows and other content.

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV enables you to watch movies and TV shows without any subscription charges. You can watch a wide range of streaming video content produced by MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount and others. The app also offers content based on exclusive categories such as Not On Netflix, Highly Rated On Rotten Tomatoes free of cost. Moreover, the Tubi TV provides access to Oscar award-winning films and TV shows across 40 genres such as action, drama, comedy, horror, classics, reality shows, family and kids. The disadvantage of the app is that videos will have commercial advertisements, which will offset the monthly subscription charges.

With Tubi TV, you can create and manage you own video queue including the ability to watch content from the latest watched position. It is possible to sync between devices such as Xbox, Amazon, Apple TV and Roku. You can also cast the content to your TV via Airplay and Chromecast. The app is compatible with iOS 9.3 and above.

3. Vudu

Vudu has an extensive collection of content and is regarded as one of the best free movie apps for iPhone/iPad. You will be able to watch tons of free movies across various categories and TV shows on the go with tolerable commercials. With Vudu, you can stream content to your iOS gadgets in HDX format. If you have devices other than iOS, you should make use of Airplay. As of this writing, Vudu has over 100,000 titles across all genres. It is also possible to download movies and watch them offline using phone or tablet with the ability to sync your third-party accounts such as Movies Anywhere and UltraViolet.

4. Sling TV

Sling TV is the best free iPhone movie apps among tech enthusiasts. You will be able to watch content in a wide range of categories such as kids, news, movies, comedy, sports, lifestyle, health and much more. The app includes 100 live TV channels with coverage of NBA, basketball with 10000+ hours of on-demand movies and shows. You can watch hit shows like SportsCenter, Atlanta even while you are travelling on the train via mobile connectivity. The Sling TV enables you to fetch content from Cloud DVR. The advantage of Sling TV is that you have the freedom to choose channels with the ability to cancel easily.

While the Sling Orange service offers 30 channels for $20 per month, the Sling Blue service includes 40 channels for $25 per month. The app helps you to watch ESPN, Disney Channel, FOX, NBX, Cartoon Network, National Geographic and much more. The Sling TV is popular because it is the first app to offer content in 20 International languages such as Hindi, Spanish, Brazil, Abrabic and much more. Furthermore, the app ships with Nielsen measurement software using which you can feed your reviews and ratings.

5. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is the best free movie apps available for the iOS platform, which enables you to watch thousands of free movies on iPhone or iPad. In addition to Action, the Popcornflix offers access to thriller, drama, comedy, horror, romance, sci-fi, mystery, family, western, documentaries including exclusive staff picks.

You will be able to watch the content in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch using both Wi-Fi and mobile cellular network. The latest version 4.12 includes analytic update and performance improvements.

6. SnagFilms

How To Get Videos Off Iphone

SnagFilms is a popular free movie apps oriented for the iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With SnagFilms, you will be able to enjoy TV shows and full movies. The app will refresh with more than 6000 free movies, documentaries and shows. The app helps you to watch movies loaded under various categories such as action, horror, romance, kids, adventure and much more.

7. Crackle

Crackle is supported by numerous ads to hamper your movie viewing experience. Movies which are relatively recent don’t exist for a long time. They stay for a limited amount of time after which they are no longer available and are replaced by other movies. About last night, Legend of Zorro, The Net, Birdy, La Bamba are few of the recent titles that are available on this app. It has its own set of original shows as well.

Given the fact that the app is free, there are bound to be some nuisances like commercials, however, it’s worth the hassle gave the amount of free content you get. This app also hosts a wide range of classic movies like Charlie Chaplin’s The Vagabond, Nosferatu, and Metropolis and so on. It also hosts a range of silent films along with cartoons and crime noir movies. This collection will help you relive these old classics without any hassle and moreover, for free!

8. Rewinder

Rewinder boasts one of the largest libraries containing the biggest public domain content. That comes with a downside, that is, you won’t find recent feature films or TV shows in this app. However, you will find most of the classics. This app boasts of having the largest library containing free films. It contains classics by Alfred Hitchcock along with those of Charlie Chaplin, Frank Sinatra, Buster Keaton, and Three Stooges and so on. One of the major plus points of this app is that it also hosts a range of the best B-movies that are relatively lesser known and obscure. It also hosts several documentaries which are not easily available either.

9. Viki

Viki is best suited for those who love international movies be it Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian. Subtitles are integrated with it so that you face no problem while viewing your favourite international movies. One of the best aspects of this app is that there are no commercial breaks to disturb your immersion. It also hosts a range of the TV shows even classic US TV shows.

This app also boasts of several independent movies and TV shows along with documentaries. There are several popular documentaries as well and popular indie movies. The availability of documentaries is a major plus point for this app. It can be used beyond your general entertainment purpose. Documentaries are often educational and can help you broaden your idea about a particular subject.

10. Public Domain Movies

Public Domain Movies boasts over hundreds of movies which are available in a public domain which you can filter according to the writer, director, year and its genre. Such sort of organization will enable you to easily find the movie of your choice without a hassle. Moreover, its intuitive interface will also enable you to find movies or TV shows which are similar to the one you searched for, thus, creating a potential chance to discover many new TV shows and movies which may turn out to be better than the one you searched for. Be it horror movies or science fiction movies, the options are endless.

It also boasts of having a wide library of classical movies be it comedy movies, silent movies, noir movies. This app will take you down memory lane and enable you to relive these classics once again or view them for the first time as these are pretty difficult to find. Having all the classics in one place is a mammoth task. With this app, you have all of them under a single roof enabling you to easily choose.

11. Viewster

If you’re into animes then Viewster should be one of your preferred apps. This app not only boasts of anime but also comes with movies and the TV shows, thus, it can pique the interest of anyone. One of the major plus points is that it hosts those TV shows and movies which do not get the theatrical release or not shown on your regular cable. This app is versatile as it makes an extra effort in providing more viewing content in addition to movies and TV series which are relatively easily obtainable in comparison to anime.


12. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is successfully mimics your regular TV cable service as it comes with a viewing guide with channels instead of showing movies or shows that are in demand. The viewing guide also provides details as to which specific programs will be streaming at what specific time. This guide is made intuitive and easy to use as it is organised into various categories. Some of the movies you can find in this app include Sherlock Holmes- Terror By Night, Route 66, Son Of Rambo, Invisible Man and so on.

Bonus Tip: Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone or iPad

With these free movie apps you will easily enjoy tons of videos on your iOS device. And some apps even allows you to download and save movies on your iPhone or iPad for offline viewing. However, accidents always happen and you may lose important data on your phone. Of course, you can re-download movies from these free movie apps for iOS. But how about these videos taken by your iPhone or iPad? Don’t worry. Gihosoft provides Free iPhone Data Recovery to help you get back deleted videos. Not only videos, you can also recover deleted photos, messages, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp, notes, and more data from iPhone/iPad whether you have backup or not.

To recover deleted videos from iPhone or iPad, please download and install this free iPhone Video Recovery software onto your computer, and then follow these simple steps below:

  1. Launch Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery software on your computer. From the main screen, choose the type of files that you want to recover. In this case, choose “Camera Roll”, “Photo Stream” and “App Videos”.
  2. Click on “Next” and connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using USB cable. If your iPhone is lost or broken, you can also choose to “View iTunes/iCloud Backup” provided that you have available backup.
  3. Once your device is detected by the program, click on “Next” to begin scanning. When the scan is complete, you can preview all recoverable videos and choose the items you need, then click “Recover” to save them to your computer.


This article provides a list of best free movie apps for iPhone or iPad, using which you can watch streaming content, live TV and movies at any time. The benefit of these apps is that you can watch programs in case if you missed any shows. The ability to download content is a big bonus for movie lovers. If you encounter video loss on your iPhone or iPad, you can rely on Gihosoft Free iPhone Data Recovery to easily get them back.

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How to download movies on iPhone? iPhone AppStore is full of unfastened film apps for streaming Hollywood hits to your Apple gadget. These apps will let you watch movies offline or online at the pass. All you want to have is a solid Wi-Fi or 3G/4G Internet connection. Learn approximately 7 first-rate approaches to observe films on iPhone.

How to download movies on iphone by ITUNES

iTunes is the maximum apparent film download middle for iPhone. It is a default iPhone market in which movies and songs may be sold together along with your Apple ID.

Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t provide you any unfastened films, however you may lease one for a small price. It is a prison and easy to watch films on an iPhone. iTunes film series is large and the shop is populated with well-known and Indie content material. Moreover, you may purchase overseas films to exercise language learning.

How to download movies on iphone by FREEMAKE VIDEO DOWNLOADER

Freemake Video Downloader is computer freeware for downloading motion pictures from YouTube and different film sites. You can export downloaded films on your iPhone genuinely unfastened. Do the following:

  1. Download YouTube Video Downloader for unfastened;
  2. Find the film you need to observe. Paste its URL withinside the Downloader;
  3. Select the film decision and MP4 format;
  4. Choose Convert to iPod/iPhone as an Action;
  5. Check the Export to iTunes container subsequent to the Action;
  6. Click the Download & Convert button. The application will add the geared up film into your iTunes video library.
  7. Sync your PC iTunes library together with your iPhone and revel in the film!


Hulu app is a key unfastened film app on your iPhone. Hulu film library is great and consists of Hollywood best hits of all instances and clean releases from film theaters. Hulu Plus is likewise recognised for its huge preference of kids’ films and Disney animation. Hulu helps you to move films without downloading them. Unfortunately, Hulu is infamous for the classified ads that you may not put off even after Hulu Plus $7.ninety nine subscription purchase. But there are a whole lot of famous TV shows and episodes and the carrier consists of a clever film advice machine you may depend on. Check Hulu Movie Clip function overview:


Amazon Prime subscription isn’t unfastened as you get from the name. But it’s a dependable film app alternative for individuals who need to download films offline and watch them on iPhone without Internet access. Amazon Prime consists of pinnacle titles from Disney, Pixar, Fox, Paramount, Columbia Pictures and others. Amazon is the most powerful competitor to iTunes on iPhone because it additionally affords films, song, TV suggests, books and different content material for entertainment. Watch Amazon Prime overview with the aid of using Cnet:


SnagFilms is an unfastened film app for watching Indie films online on any tool for unfastened. The carrier gives a 5,000+ catalog of famous films and suggests: thrillers, comedies, dramas, documentaries, cartoons, their own circle of relatives films, etc. If you count on to locate pinnacle Hollywood blockbusters, SnagFilms app can’t assist you with it. However, there are numerous award-triumphing Indie movies which are really well worth your attention. SnagFilms won’t let you download motion pictures offline, instead, it permits you to move films with classified ads. The app is straightforward in use. You need to create an account and skim the video library. You can upload films to a queue and pass again on your playback History. One minor downside of SnagFilms is the absence of closed-captioning in its video participant.

How to download movies on iphone by CRACKLE: MOVIES & TV

Crackle: Movies & TV is an iOS app, genuinely unfastened to download and watch films. Every month a few new movies are added. For the films are all unfastened, there may be a hidden cost – a whole lot of commercials internal motion pictures. If you may undergo it and also you stay in US, Canada, Australia, Brazil or Latin America, do this app. Except for commercials, Crackle is a great app to test. There are many vintage films of the XX century, plus the video participant helps with subtitles for easy video enjoyment. So in case you are searching out something unique, Crackle is what you want.


Where Are My Movies On Iphone

Where are videos on iphone

How To Download Free Movies On Iphone 6 Plus Free

Netflix is one of the most famous film streaming apps for iPhone. You may recognise Netflix for its vintage DVD apartment carrier; with the aid of using the manner, it’s nevertheless alive. Netflix iPhone app has a fantastic interface and all of the famous and updated films and suggests internal. One month unfastened trial is available, so your challenge is to observe the whole lot as short as possible! Here’s a Netflix iPhone enjoy overview.

Where Are Videos On Iphone

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