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How To Download Youtube Videos To Play On Dvd Player

How to play and watch YouTube videos on TV

Simple player for HTML5 videos. Scans your computer for video files and makes convenient YouTube-like gallery. Supports Google Drive and Chromecast. Interface is optimized for kids! All controls are easy and natural so your child will not stuck. The app will continuously play all videos from your playlist and may not require any attention. Step 1 Open YouTube DVD converter and choose to create DVD. Run Wondershare DVD Creator on your PC. From the window that appears select Create a DVD Video Disc option. Step 2 Import downloaded YouTube videos. By default, the Source tab will open. Click + button to add the downloaded YouTube videos on your PC. You can also drag and drop the videos.

Many users would like to play and see their videos from YouTube on HD TV, but they do not know how to achieve this. To watch and enjoy your YouTube video clips on television, you need to burn and convert them to a DVD disc at first.

YouTube allows you to you download movie clips to your pc like desktop, notebook and laptop. You also need a download tool to download video clips from YouTube to your desktop, notebook, laptop, Mac at first. For example, you can use the free download tool from here. (


How to burn and convert the youtube videos to DVD movie to watch on HD TV

To play YouTube movies on television, you also need a DVD converter to convert and burn them to a DVD disc at first. DVD Slideshow converter is a Converter that allows you to convert the videos from your desktop, notebook, laptop to the HD DVD movie for playing on TV.

The following tutorial will teach you how to convert and burn the youtube videos to a HD DVD disc. But you also need to free download the slide show converter and install on your pc like desktop, laptop, or notebook at first.

Part 1. import videos

Open the Converter and click 'Organize' menu on top window to choose 'Add Video Clips' to import the YouTube video clips you download on your notebook, desktop or laptop. (Note:The converter can just allow you to add AVI video clip directly. If you want to add more formats videos, you will need to download and install a free plugin called FFDShow.( )

Part 2. Choose a theme menu

After you add the movies to the converter, you may preview them on the 'Album Pre view' tab. To navigate how to play video on TV screen, you also need to choose a beautiful menu on the 'Choose Menus' window of the Converter.

Part 3. Convert and burn these movies to a DVD disc

Dvd to youtube free

Go to the 'Burn Disc' window to choose 'DVD video Disc' as slideshow output format and input a DVD disc. When all is ready, you will press the 'Burn Now!' button to burn and convert the movie clips slideshow to the DVD disc. In a few mimutes, your movies will be saved onto the disc.

Part 4. How to play and watch your YouTube videos on television

When the burning is completely, you will get a slideshow DVD that saves your YouTube movies. Then, you may play the disc on your notebook, laptop or desktop to have a pre view at first. If you think the slide show disc is ok, you will play it on your HD TV to watch or see your YouTube movie.

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You are totally in love with Justin Bieber's new hit song and you want to download it to your computer before everyone else gets to watch the video or listen to the audio. The only problem is, you cannot directly download the You Tube Video on your Windows Media Player. You might have tried to install some basic software to make your You Tube video play via the Windows Media Player in vain. Does this challenge sound familiar? Well, worry no more. This article will disclose to you how to download music from YouTube to Windows Media Player in 3 easy steps.

The Best YouTube Music to Windows Media Player Downloader and Converter

To play YouTube videos on your Windows Media Player, you will definitely need to download and install a YouTube downloader. The most efficient and highly recommended YouTube Downloader is iTube YouTube Video Downloader. Apart from helping you to download your music from YouTube, it also assists you to convert your downloaded music files to a format compatible with the Windows Media Player.

iTube HD Video Downloader - YouTube to Windows Media Player Music Downloader

  • Download and record YouTube videos from more than 10,000 sites for instance Vimeo; Facebook; Hulu; Lynda; Netflix among many others.
  • This YouTube downloader is three times faster compared to any other YouTube downloader when it comes to downloading videos.
  • Download any number of videos on the go at the same time. What's more? You can proceed to play the videos as downloading continues.
  • Convert your YouTube videos to formats that are not only compatible with the Windows Media Player, but also compatible with other mobile gadgets.
  • Built with a video recorder which helps to capture online videos from those unable to download websites.

How to Download Music from YouTube to Windows Media Player

Step 1. Launch the YouTube music downloader

First download and install the iTube HD Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows PC. After that, launch the YouTube music to Windows Media Player downloader.

Step 2. Download YouTube Music to Windows Media Player

Access YouTube via your preferred browser. Search your favorite video and place the cursor on your favorite video in order to see the 'Download' button appear on the top side of your screen. Click on the button to initiate the download process.

The second option is to copy your video's URL and past the link into the iTube HD Video Downloader YouTube music download program to begin downloading process.

How to burn a dvd from youtube

You can also use the 'Download MP3' button on the video screen to download the audio file instead of the video. Also copy the video URL and then click the 'Download MP3' button to start downloading the YouTube music.

Step 3. Convert YouTube Music to Windows Media Player

Upload Dvd To Youtube

After successfully downloading and storing your files in your computer, the next step is to convert the files to make them compatible with the Windows Media Player. Click on the 'Downloaded' within your iTube YouTube music downloader software, then click the 'Convert' icon beside to add the downloaded YouTube music to Conversion list. Switch to the Convert category on the left, and then set output format like WAV. Lastly, click 'OK' to kick-start the conversion.