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Html To Download A File From Server

Learn how to push files to a server using the various file transfer tools available. Summary If you have built a simple web page (see HTML basics for an example), you will probably want to put it online, on a web server. The process for downloading a file from an FTP server is very similar. Navigate to the remote folder where the file you want to download is stored, 2. Navigate to the local folder where you want to store the downloaded file, 3. Select the file you want to download from the remote folder, and 4. Click the Download button.

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I am currently working on a website that users can download binary media files from (mainly .mp3). We need a way for a 'Download' button to save the file to the user's specified location in their browser's preferences, and it needs to somehow display a progress bar.

Currently, all I'm worried about is finding a way to implement this using HTML5 and doing it in such a way that in future versions we will later be able to access that stream so that once we get this basic download part coded, we can somehow implement a progress bar in the future.

I know HTML5 has a File API, but very few browsers currently allow its implementation, and we need this to work on IE 7+ and regularly used versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Thanks for your help!

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HTML5 supports the download attribute:


Clicking on this will allow the browser to handle the download (instead of opening the file using whatever application is associated with the mimetype), including a progress bar.

Note: You really want to be careful not to deviate from normal user expectation by trying to create your own implementation. This is synonymous with forcing a link to open in a new tab--it can be confusing to the user if they are expecting one behavior but receive another. In your case, try to specifically explain that this will be a 'download' link, not a 'play' link. The example above does this, but a 'download' icon might also suffice.

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If you want to make the download link a button instead, you can just place an <input> element inside an <a>:

And you can also use DOM to dynamically change the href of the element. Example from my blog, where the download button in question is basically a 'Save as' button:

Hope this helps...

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Just put the download attribute to your anchor tag in HTML5.

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Html To Download A File From Server To Gmail

To run file download program:

Html to download a file from server to gmail

for example:

How To Download A File

When using Java 7+ use the following method to download a file from the Internet and save it to some directory:

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