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It looks like it's official. Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite -- a subscription service bundle consisting of Azure Active Directory Premium, Azure Rights Management and Intune -- is getting a new addition: Advanced Threat Analytics.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) 1.8 provides ongoing improvements to the ATA Center and Gateway components. ATA 1.8 provides improvements in the following areas: New Detection - Abnormal modification of sensitive groups and Suspicious authentication failures (Behavioral brute force). Oct 05, 2020 Microsoft Q&A is the best place to get answers to all your technical questions on Microsoft products and services. Either way to download ATA you can.

Advanced Threat Analytics is based on technology Microsoft bought last year when it acquired Israeli cybersecurity startup Aorato. Aorato developed what the company called the 'Organization Security Graph,' which provided a continuously updated view of all people and machines accessing an organization's Windows Server Active Directory. (Microsoft officials said last November that Microsoft had developed a similar monitoring service for Azure Active Directory.)

Advanced Threat Analytics is meant to help businesses block targeted attacks by 'automatically analyzing, learning and identifying all normal and abnormal behavior,' according to a June 22 blog post confirming the coming addition to EMS.

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That same blog post also notes that the Azure Rights Management version in the EMS bundle 'has also been updated to the Premium version to include advanced document tracking.'In early May, Microsoft's RMS team made available a preview of Azure RMS document tracking. At that time, officials said this feature would be generally available 'this summer' in all worldwide geographies.

What we still don't know is the price for EMS with these two new pieces added. Today's blog post says the single solution will be available 'all for an affordable subscription.' I've asked to see if there's any pricing information available yet.

Microsoft also is planning to hold a webinar on July 20 to cover the updated EMS bundle. Registration for that webinar is here.

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Update (June 23): Microsoft has removed the blog post about EMS getting Advanced Threat Analytics, and also has removed the webinar registration post. (My guess is they weren't yet ready to announce this.)

On the pricing/licensing front, Microsoft has informed some of its partners about its plans.

Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) is an on-premises software product and will be licensed via Client Management Licenses (per user or per operating system environment). It will be included in both EMS and ECS, Microsoft's Enterprise Cloud Suite; be available as a standalone product; and be included in both user and device ECAL suites.

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ATA rights will be part of EMS, effective August 1, and all EMS customers will automatically get entitlement rights to ATA. August 1 also is the date that prices of Microsoft's client access licenses go up by 13 percent. Once ATA is added, EMS and EMS CAL prices will rise anywhere between four percent, to up to 27 percent, depending on the type of EMS license and CALs that users have.

On the Azure Rights Management front, it seems Microsoft is planning to rename the version of Azure Rights Management with the document-tracking capability as 'Azure Rights Management Premium.' The premium version will be different from what's available as part of Office 365, and will be available for purchase as part of EMS or standalone.

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