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Microsoft Fix It Solution Center Windows 7 Download

Microsoft Fix it Center for Windows 7 - Free download information. Windows 7 Download periodically updates pricing and information of Microsoft Fix it.

When you have a nice and clean install of Windows, everything should work properly and it will be no problem to use. Unfortunately after installing and uninstalling third-party software and drivers etc, the potential for minor or even major issues to appear quickly starts to increase. This is often caused by third-party software or even malware leaving traces behind and not reverting back the changes they may have made to the system.

Not every Windows user knows how to analyze the problem in order to logically figure out a solution, so the best option is to look for possible fixes on the Internet. It shouldn’t take too long to come across a utility that will claim to fix your problems with the click of a button, sometimes even for a fee. In the situations when your computer system is misbehaving, it just makes sense to have a utility on hand that can fix a number of the most common issues most users have when things go wrong.

  1. If Windows Media Player stopped working correctly after the latest updates from Windows Update, verify that the updates are the problem by using System Restore. To do this: Select the Start button, and then type system restore. Select Create a restore point, and then in.
  2. Make older programs compatible with this version of Windows. Get help with Windows 10 upgrade and installation errors. Tips to improve PC performance in Windows 10. Install a printer in Windows 10.

Here’s a selection of 4 applications that each have a number of repairs and fixes available to help eliminate various problems in windows. They range from the most common or simple to those that sometimes would normally require the help a professional technician.

1. Microsoft Fix It Portable Offline

Microsoft Fix it is a collection of popular troubleshooting tools which Microsoft normally have available on a number of their help and support pages. You can go and search for a solution on the official Fix it website to help solve any issues on your computer, but each one is an individual standalone utility for the specific problem. Here’s how to download the portable offline version of the Microsoft Fix it utility so you can use it on any computer, even one without an active Internet connection.

1. Download the MicrosoftFixit-portable.exe file which is 339KB, then run it.

2. Agree to the terms and press Browse to choose the location where you want to save the Fix it portable tool. Leave the option “The computer already has Windows PowerShell installed” unchecked as not every computer you use Fix it on will have PowerShell.

3. After pressing the Save button, the tool will download the necessary files will create an autorun.inf file together with a Fix it portable folder. You can copy the Fix it portable folder to a USB flash drive and then run the “Launch Fix it.exe” on the problem computer. The autorun.inf file is only required if burning Fix it to a CD as USB devices ignore it these days for security reasons.

When you run the troubleshooter simply browse through the list of fixes or narrow it down by clicking on a specific issue. If you find the problem on the computer matches one of the descriptions from the Microsoft Fix it utility, click the Run Now button to launch the automated fixing tool. Clicking the name link will take you to the support page where it will give more details about what can be fixed by that specific Fix it.

The offline Microsoft Fix it utility is by no means the full selection of Fix its available and actually is only a mini version. It currently contains 28 trouble shooters taken from the top solutions category on the website. If you go to the Microsoft Fix it Solution Center, click on Windows for the problem area and then scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see the total amount of Fix it solutions there are to date, currently 279. The Offline Fix it only has about 10% of the total, but includes the most common fixes.

The good thing is Fix it won’t try to repair any non-existent problems so you can’t break something that isn’t already broken. This makes it a useful tool for average users and budding enthusiasts alike because Microsoft Fix it is designed for anyone to use. You can visit the Microsoft Fix it BLOG for news on new Fix it tools and discussions.

2. FixWin

FixWin is a free and portable Windows fixing tool that can apply fixes for several problems that you may experience in Window Vista and Windows 7, XP is not supported. FixWin contains a total of around 50 fixes for a wide range of Windows issues, from easy ones such as re-creating an Internet Explorer shortcut on the desktop, to something more serious like fixing the problem of Explorer.exe not starting at boot or resetting and repairing system components disabled by a virus.

The welcome screen advises you to first run the Windows System File Checker (sfc.exe) utility to restore corrupted system files and then create a system restore point before making any changes with FixWin. A piece of advice we would also recommend which FixWin doesn’t, is to check and remove any virus infections before using it because an active virus running in background can instantly reverse a number of the changes FixWin performs.

Microsoft Fix It Solution Center Windows 7 Download

The fixes are sorted into 5 main categories which are Windows Explorer, Internet & Connectivity, Windows Media, System Tools and Additional Fixes so that you can locate the fix you’re looking for a little easier. Always be sure to click only on the fix to the specific problem as there’s no confirmation and it will immediately be applied as soon as the button is pressed. FixWin recommends you only apply a single fix at a time, there’s also a few links to some other repair tools such as one to repair Security Essentials antivirus.

Microsoft Fix It Solution Center Windows 7 Download Operating System

3. Windows Repair (All In One)’s Windows Repair tool might be able to help where other tools don’t go far enough. It isn’t for the inexperienced users out there because using some of the more advanced repair functions incorrectly could do more harm than good. Windows Repair can help fix a large amount of known Windows problems including registry errors and file permissions as well as issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Update, missing or corrupted icons, Windows Firewall, Windows services and more. Malicious software and installed programs can modify your default settings and you can easily restore them back to the original settings.

The program has four optional steps which it highly recommends you perform before starting with the repair. The first step is to make sure your computer is clean from virus infections which can be causing the problem. The second step can check the filesystem for errors using check disk and the third is checking the system files using the Windows System File Checker. The final fourth step advises the creation of a system restore point and backing up the registry using another of’s useful tools before starting the repair.

You can skip these steps but doing so could mean you’re applying fixes which are unnecessary and no backups could leave you with big problems if anything goes wrong and you have nothing to fall back on.

At the Repair window you can select which fixes to apply, 31 of the 37 fixes listed are already enabled by default but unless you have severe problems such as after a major virus infection, it’s recommended to only tick what applies to your problem. The information window on the right will describe the fix and what it does. When you are ready, click Start and wait for the repairs to be processes. If used sensibly, Windows Repair can be an incredibly effective and useful tool. It works on Windows XP and above, there are portable and setup installer versions available.

4. 7 Quick Fix 2 / XP Quick fix Plus

Quick Fix is a bit more of a general repair tool because it also has a few system tweaks included, but still has a huge amount of quick one click fixes to repair a number of common problems that affect the running of Windows. There are a total of 108 options available split into six categories, around 15 are actually tweaks but they’re still highly useful functions like adding a “Take ownership” or “Command prompt here” context menu entry.

Start the program and it will present you with six different windows accessible from the icons in the center which perform the repair functions. They are; Enable / Disable, Restore Missing Stuff, Performance, Errors and Crashes, Tweaks and finally Associations. Simply look in the relevant section for the fix you require, hovering over a button will tell you what it will do and whether a restart will be required.

7 Quick Fix 2 uses a combination of registry modifications, ini file modifications, re-registering system components, stopping and starting services or removing files to perform the fixes and tweaks. When any button is clicked there will be a named undo folder in a folder called Backup where the QF.exe is located. Depending on the fixes applied, there will be a mixture of batch, registry and ini files along with a readme text file on how to reverse the procedure should you need to.

The program IS portable but you have to install it using the installer which has adware, and then copy the executable from the Program Files folder, or more easily extract the setup file using Universal Extractor. 7 Quick Fix 2 is compatible with Windows 7 only (32 & 64 bit)

There is also a separate version for Windows XP called Quick Fix Plus and doesn’t have as many fixes, totaling around 40 but is still easy to use and very useful.

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Really sad that they choose this way:

“You might have tried to download a Microsoft Easy Fix solution (formerly referred to as a “Fix It”). Easy Fix solutions are no longer supported or offered for download.”

It seems like there is people working inside Microsoft who work against/sabotage Microsoft.

Aaron2 years ago

When I saw they weren’t only discontinuing Fix-it’s but were going to pull all released Fix-it’s to date, I thought the exact same thing. It really seems like someone is sabotaging Microsoft and Windows 10 feels like an attack on our population.


I was able to fix an issue with Windows 7 backup using Windows Repair (All In One). I thank you for this article. I spent a lot of time looking for a fix and none worked.
The free version of the program works better than most paid utilities software and Microsoft fixes.

Bruno Santos7 years ago

Thanks raymond very usefull tools! My favorite one, not listed here is uvk.
Can you please add it to your list?
Best regards!


Hello, and thanks for your time helping people all over.

I installed and started running – Windows Repair v2.75 – running (Windows 7 Home Premium v6.1 64-bit) nearly 20 hours ago, following all instructions & steps.

Initially picked the default number of Repair Options. Unchecked some earlier this morning, as there seems to be no end in sight. Could it be caused by the amounts of video on the HD?

In fairness, I have using the machine [x some critical stuff]. I just wish I could get an idea of what to expect and ~ when.

Thanks again, all best. S.C.

Microsoft Fix It Solution Center Windows 7 Download 64-bit

HAL9000 Author7 years ago

I can only assume it’s doing something like running a full disk scan, are there no windows or anything telling you what the program is currently doing?

Microsoft Fix It Solution Center Windows 7 Download Iso


Thanks.Hope this will solve problems when they arise

TheRube10 years ago

Morning all!

I tried Microsoft Fix-It the other day to re-activate Windows Update as a major malware attack had overtaken one of my customer’s computers.
Well, I was very disappointed that the MS Fix-it program was unable to open up WU!
However, one of Raymond’s recommendations Windows Repair (All-in-One) found at came to my RESCUE and really S-a-v-e-d the day for Me!

I clicked on the Windows Update repair module and in a matter of minutes Windows Update was Up and Running Once again!
I carry Windows Repair in my USB flash drive with the rest of my anti-malware artillery and WON’T leave my home without it – – IT comes Highly recommended!!!

Thanks to Raymond for his ongoing effort to educate us in All things computer and Internet and to



Well i don’t know when this was written but so everyone knows Microsoft Fix-It doesn’t work anymore,i used Windows Repair All-In-One that Raymond recommended.It works very well.When you use this tool and can donate,i would recommend makes tool that will help your OS and other tools run like they were by default.I highly recommend this,I didn’t try the others listed/I run Windows Home Prem.Sp2 32bit.I am glad that i found Raymond’s site.I wish there were more sites that i could find this,and pass it on to help others as much as i can.

HAL9000 Author8 years ago

Glad you found Repair All-In-One useful, it is indeed a powerful tool. Just to point out the Microsoft Fix-It does work (I’ve just tried it) although it’s more for general and common fixes than the other tools.


I had issues with fix it “fixing” windows update. Also if fix it does work it only works with internet connection.


I am going to try to use the other 3 tools in this article to see if any of them fix the current issues on another computer with connecting to the internet.

The built in Windows Network Diagnostics could not find any problems, but here I am 12 hours later on tools umteen 1 2 and 3.


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Microsoft Fix It Center is a powerful and simple-to-use tool. It both diagnoses any problems with your Windows operating system and repairs them. However, development has been discontinued, so it is important to keep in mind.

Easy to use

Microsoft Fix It Center is a free built-in Windows repair tool. If you're running anything other than Windows 10, you may already have it installed. If not, it's worth remembering that the tool has been superseded.

Streamlined repair tool

You can check if you already have the Fix It Center on your PC by clicking Start -> Control Panel -> Troubleshooting. If it's there, or if you download it, all you need to do is click on it to run the tool. Fix It will then diagnose any problems and offer solutions.

Pre-emptive care

Microsoft Fix It Center doesn't just find current problems. It can help prevent them from occurring in the first place. Once it's been run, it'll bring up a choice of ‘find and fix' and ‘find and report'. The former option then suggests relevant downloads, whereas the latter sends problem information to Microsoft.

Personalised care

One of the best advantages to Fix It Center is that it automatically scans your computer. This means that the programme knows what sort of operating system you're running, as well as associated hard- and software. As such, it can tailor solutions to your problem more efficiently.

Powerful diagnosis and repair tool

Microsoft Fix It Center's targeted scan avoids downloading unnecessary software and is incredibly useful and straightforward. However, it's no longer being supported. You may receive an error message once you try to run it. So, you'd be better off using other free Windows troubleshooting options, all of which can be found via the control panel's troubleshooting section.