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Microsoft Plus Windows 95 Download

Microsoft Windows 95: First Retail Release

Windows 95 was the successor to Windows 3.1 and included a number of important new features:

  • Support for 32-bit Windows applications
  • Long mixed-case filenames (up to 255 characters)
  • GUI improvements (e.g., Explorer, Start button, Taskbar, shortcuts)

It was also first version of Windows that required an 80386 CPU (preferably a D-stepping or later).

For Windows 95 was the first version of Plus! And included Space Cadet Pinball, the Internet Jumpstart Kit (which was the introduction of Internet Explorer 1.0), DriveSpace 3 and Compression Agent disk compression utilities, the initial release of theme support along with a set of 12 themes, dial-up networking server, dial-up scripting tool, and the graphical improvements such. Aug 24, 1995 Microsoft Plus! For Windows 95 by Microsoft. Publication date 1995-08-24 Topics. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file. ISO IMAGE download. Download 1 file. Nov 22, 2021 To create a new virtual machine for Windows 95, first run the VirtualBox virtualization program. Microsoft windows 95 free download - Windows 10, Microsoft Ping for Windows 95, Windows 95 Y2K Update, and many more programs. Protector Plus is an anti-virus software designed for Windows 95/98/Me.It detects and removes all types of viruses. Theme Conversion for XFCE/Chicago95. Is Chicago95 not authentic enough for you? Do you want to use Microsoft Plus! Themes to personalize your Chicago95 experience? Well look no further! Download any Windows 95, 98, ME or XP theme file (from places like or and use this tool to switch to your new theme!

Windows 95 was released to manufacturing on July 14, 1995 and went on sale at midnight on August 24, 1995.

It is shown running below, following a “Compact Installation” on a 68Mb hard disk. Before the machine canstart, it must download the disk image, which may take a minute or two, depending on the speed of yourinternet connection.

More information about this Windows 95 demo is available in the PCjs Blog.

[PCjs Machine 'deskpro386']

Waiting for machine 'deskpro386' to load....

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Boot)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 01)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 02)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 03)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 04)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 05)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 06)

Windows Plus Pack

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 07)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 08)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 09)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 10)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 11)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 12)

Directory of Windows 95 (RTM Disk 13)

Directory of Windows 95 (Startup Disk)

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 18, 1997 — Safeguarding children on the Internet and protecting the family PC and important files from kids are concerns on the minds of many parents these days. A new product from Microsoft Corp. gives parents a quick and easy solution to both. Microsoft® Plus! for Kids available now provides parents with a central location for controlling which programs and files their children can access on the computer and determining what types of content the PC can access on the Internet. At the same time, it lets each child in the family create a personalized desktop and enjoy creativity applications, all while learning to use the Windows 95 operating system.

The Microsoft Plus! for Kids Protect It! feature allows parents to quickly and easily set up a customized profile for each member of the family and change the profiles when they want. Parents decide what each family member can and cannot access on the PC’s hard drive including files, programs, computer settings and modem usage. Once the profiles are set, kids will not be able to access important data, accidentally delete files or change computer settings.

Protect It! also allows parents to set Internet restrictions regarding the types of Web sites and content that can be accessed by the family PC. The restrictions utilize Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) technology and the Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC) rating system.

RSAC, a nonprofit organization, developed a Web site rating system based on four parameters: language, nudity, sex and violence. Parents select from five rating levels within each of the four parameters to determine the amount of adult language, nudity, sex and violence their children can access on RSAC-rated Web sites. Once ratings within each parameter have been designated, parents can rest assured that their kids are seeing only Internet content that falls within the set restrictions. Additionally, Protect It! allows parents to determine whether their children can access unrated Web sites.

Make the PC More Fun and Inviting for Kids

Microsoft Plus! for Kids lets children learn to use Windows® 95 at their own pace. Whenever kids log on to Windows 95, they see their own customized desktop offering only the programs their parents have designated for their use. They can choose from one of 10 kid-oriented desktop themes, each with its own sounds, wallpaper, desktop icons, screen saver and animated mouse pointers. For ocean lovers, the Underwater theme has an animated scuba diver and starfish mouse pointers, and the Messy Room screen saver keeps piling up dirty clothes, skateboards, banana peels and other castoffs. As a sample, the Underwater desktop theme is available free at time charges may apply).

Keeping kids entertained for hours through a variety of high-quality and engaging creativity applications, Microsoft Plus! for Kids includes Talk It!, Play It!, and Paint It! Talk It! is a text-to-speech tool that pronounces whatever words kids type – including ones they’ve made-up – using 20 different funny and surprising voices. Talk It! works in both English and Spanish.

Play It!, an electronic keyboard application, allows kids to create and record their own music, using the keyboard, mouse and 108 cool sounds. Kids can also play 10 different styles of music, including hip hop, jazz and reggae.


Paint It! includes dozens of cool painting and drawing tools, audio tools, color palettes, and special effects – such as the Blender tool that changes pictures in crazy ways, such as making them crack into pieces or melt. Paint It! also lets kids create new desktop wallpaper with just a click of a button.

5:30youtube.comMicrosoft Plus! For Windows 95 - Installation In Windows 95Jan 9, 20176.5K Views

Additionally, Microsoft Plus! for Kids comes with Picture Picker, which features more than 1,000 kid-oriented clip art images ranging from realistic color graphics to cartoon-style images, and 33 cool fonts kids can use in letters, writing projects, newsletters and more! Both clip art and fonts work with most commercially available Windows-based software .

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

Microsoft Plus! for Kids is available now in most computer stores scheduled to be available in stores in late February for approximately US $24.95. The product is designed for parents with children ages 3 to 12.

To use Microsoft Plus! for Kids, you need:

  • Personal or multimedia computer with a 486DX/33 MHz or higher processor

  • Microsoft Windows 95 operating system

  • 8 MB of memory (RAM)

  • 32 MB of available hard disk space. Additional hard disk space required if you install Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • CD-ROM drive

  • Super VGA, 256-color monitor and video card

  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

  • Windows-compatible sound card


Windows 95 Plus Pack

  • Headphones or speakers for optimal sound

Download Windows 95 Full Version

To use Internet security features of Protect It!, you need:

19:21youtube.comMicrosoft Plus! For Windows 95Mar 2, 201422.3K Views

  • 9600 or higher baud modem (14,000 baud recommended) required for Internet access

  • Internet access (may require payment of a separate fee to your Internet service provider)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 is included on the Microsoft Plus! for Kids compact disc.

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