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Microsoft Scanpst Download

Step 1 Free Download Microsoft PST repair tool on your computer and launch it, select ‘Find Outlook Files’ and enter a folder or drive which you want to look PST files in. Step 2 When you have selected a location to look for broken PST files and select the files that you want to repair from the files list. Step 3 Press the start button. Where download scanpst.exe for outlook 2010 64 bit my scanpst.exe file is broken where download scanpst.exe for outlook 2010 64 bit my scanpst.exe file is. 1-20 of 256,000 results 1.

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In this post, we’ve discussed the reasons why Microsoft ScanPST taking a long time to repair the corrupt PST file. We’ve also shared some solutions to fix the problem. Also, you’ll find an automated tool that can easily repair oversized and severely corrupt PST files.

Microsoft Outlook, when configured with a POP account, stores all the mailbox data locally in a PST file. As you might be aware, the PST file gets corrupt due to various reasons. To deal with the corruption in PST files, Microsoft offers Inbox Repair tool or Scanpst.exe. This Outlook utility can diagnose and repair corrupt PST files in most cases. However, in some situations, ScanPST may take a long time to repair corrupt PST file or fail to work.

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Step 1: Reasons Why ScanPST Takes Long Time to Repair Corrupt PST File

Following are some common reasons why Scanpst.exe may not respond or take a long time to repair a corrupted PST file:

1. **Oversized PST File**

Microsoft has defined the maximum size limit of Outlook data files for different Outlook versions. The size limit for files are:

• Outlook 2002/XP or Older: 2 GB
• Outlook 2007: 20 GB
• Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365: 50 GB

So, when you try to repair an oversized PST file, Scanpst.exe may become unresponsive or simply crash.

2. **Outdated Version of ScanPST**

If the Scanpst.exe version you are using is outdated, you may encounter problems such as “ScanPST taking long time” or “ScanPST not working”, while repairing the corrupt PST file.

3. Severely Corrupt PST File


If a PST file is severely corrupted, then the Inbox Repair tool may fail to repair the file and stop responding.

Step 2: How to Fix ‘Scanpst.exe is Taking Long Time to Repair Corrupt PST'?

1. Update Scanpst.exe

You can install all the available updates for MS Outlook. This can help fix the issues with Scanpst.exe.

You can’t independently update the ScanPST. Since Scanpst.exe is a component of the Microsoft Outlook package, you can update the specific MS Outlook version you’re using.

To update Microsoft Outlook, follow the given steps:

Microsoft Scanpst Download

1. Launch Outlook and click File.
2. Click Office Account.
3. Click Update Options and then click Update Now.

You can also enable automatic updates for Outlook by following these steps:

1. Launch Outlook and click File.
2. Click Office Account.
3. Click Update Options.
4. In the drop-down menu, select Enable updates.

Note: If you find Disable updates option instead of Enable updates, it means that automatic updates are already enabled. So, you needn’t make any changes in that case.


2. Compact PST

If ScanPST fails to repair the corrupt PST or freezes while repairing it, you can check the size of PST file as the utility is unable to repair large or oversized PST files. If your PST file is large, perform the following steps to reduce its size:

Microsoft Scanpst Download Outlook 2007

1. Delete the unwanted emails and folders from the PST file. Once done, empty the Deleted Items folder.
2. Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings.
3. Under the Data Files tab, select the PST file you want to compact.
4. Click Settings.
5 . In the Outlook Data File window that opens, click Compact Now and then OK.

Step 3: What to do when the above Fixes don’t Work?

If the above fixes won’t work, this indicates that the PST file is severely corrupted or damaged. In such a case, you can use an advanced Outlook PST Repair Tool such as Stellar Repair for Outlook to [repair the PST file](
This specialized PST repair tool is designed to repair severely corrupted and large-sized PST files with great efficiency. It has an interactive GUI that makes the repair process easy. It can recover all the mailbox data from the corrupt PST file and save it in a new PST file and other file formats such as EML, RTF, MSG, PDF and HTML. The software supports MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and previous versions.

Sometimes, Scanpst.exe takes long time to repair a corrupt PST file or entirely fails to respond. This may happen due to various reasons such as outdated ScanPST utility, oversized PST file or severely corrupt PST. You can try to update the Outlook installation or reduce the size of PST file to fix the issue. However, if the PST is severely corrupt, then the utility may fail to repair it. In such a case, the only option is to use an advanced Outlook PST repair tool that can repair severely corrupt PST file of any size.

Microsoft Scanpst Exe Outlook 2016 Download

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