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Microsoft Windows Xp Professional Oem Download

Does a 'Windows Xp Professional' license differ from a 'Windows Xp Professional SP3' license? If so, how do I know what Service Pack (none, 1, 2 or 3) the product key on the tag is supposed to be? Windows-xp installation formatting oem product-key. XP Professional OEM.Download Windows XP Pro SP3 Multi. With the windows 8 OEM iso from HP. Deploying Windows XP Using Windows Product. Microsoft® Windows XP software. Be downloaded from the Microsoft® download center.

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Microsoft Windows XP Professional ISO image with service pack 3 is the latest edition of Windows XP series. Get Windows XP SP3 ISO Full Version Free Download through our direct link available for the users of the Amazingly, even after 13 long years, this OS hasn’t let down its users. It includes original SP1 & SP2 in official ISO CD download.

  • License
  • Official ISO / Product Key
  • OS
  • Windows XP
  • Language
  • English
  • Latest Release
  • 05 Jun 2008
  • Version
  • Professional SP3
  • File Size
  • 617 MB
  • Provided By
  • Microsoft Inc.

Windows XP SP3 ISO Full Version Download Overview

Therefore, your current knowledge of Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8/8.1 will continue to be of use. An OEM is an individual or company that selects one of the products mentioned in this paper. The OEM customizes and configures a unique software image based on that product. Feb 10, 2021 Dell Windows XP Professional SP3 OEM by Microsoft. Publication date. Download 1 file.

Dell windows xp downloadDell windows xp professional

Windows XP Home and Professional editions were major releases at the year of 2001 that defined the Microsoft’s way of welcoming the 21st Century. Windows XP is still a great operating system to work on. Windows XP UI soon became the most user friendly OS that any ordinary person can use it easily.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 ISO includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update (SP3) includes a few new functionalities, but does not significantly change customer experience with the OS. You can obtain Windows XP SP3 from Windows Update, at

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How To Install Windows XP From ISO Image

After you successfully downloaded windows XP ISO file. Save it on your PC. Follow this tutorial which tells How to install Windows XP (SP3) via USB Drive. The steps to install windows XP are simple and easy. Comment here if you face any issues during windows XP ISO download or installation. recommend this Spyware & Virus free Windows XP SP3 ISO Full Version Free Download.

Operating System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium III
  • Memory: 512 Mb
  • Hard disk space: 5 GB available
  • Video card: Super VGA (800 x 600)

Windows XP Professional SP3 Product Key

NOTE: This is only the Installation Key not for Windows Genuine Activation (WGA).

One of the best tools available to save lots of effort. Microsoft has designed Windows 7 upgrade advisor will tell you whether your PC is capble enough to run Windows 7…. Read More

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My aunt called me in to repair her desktop and laptop computers. (Level up! You become: The Family's Private IT.)

The desktop wasn't much; just many, many junk pieces of software that her daughter had put there.

The laptop, had a completely corrupted partition, with a nice BSOD when trying to start Windows. I had no choice but to reinstall Windows. My aunt had two discs lying around for some obscure reason. One was a Windows Xp Home Premium OEM installation disc in a paper pouch without any key, and the other, in those large cardboard packages they sold Windows Xp with, was a Windows Xp Professional disc and a product key, just like the real ones.

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

But not an installation disc. 'Update' written on the disc. I thought maybe the computer started out with Home Premium and then the Professional 'update' was used to upgrade it, but nope. The Professional disc, I guess, is for installing service packs or something. On whoever knows what computer. When asked, she swears no disc came with the computers, and she had no idea where these discs might come from.

Anyway, right now her computer has the Home Premium OEM I installed on it, without a key. '30 days remaining', blah blah.

This computer was a Dell. Was. She bought it at a place where they take broken computers, replace a few parts, and sell them refurbished. This means there is no Recovery partition. There wouldn't be much room for such a thing anyway, on this 60 GB hard drive.

So my only option is to find the right OEM disc and reinstall it with the key on the sticker under the computer. So I thought I was going to just download an ISO and burn it, but then I saw this.

Apparently, for Windows 8, there are tons of ISOs, and only one can do depending on the code in the BIOS.

This guide seemed to sort of indicate it's the same for Windows Xp, as they advise to check some numbers in the BIOS with a bootable USB key. If there was just one OEM, why would they care?

But searching, searching, searching, I just can't put my hands on a list of ISOs from which to choose. It's like there's only one ISO after all.

So, before I go to her home and try to install with a disc that won't work, please tell me there really is just one ISO, and that it won't go wrong. Or tell me where I can find the list to choose from.

Also, many ISOs say 'SP3'. Does a 'Windows Xp Professional' license differ from a 'Windows Xp Professional SP3' license? If so, how do I know what Service Pack (none, 1, 2 or 3) the product key on the tag is supposed to be?

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1 Answer

You should be able to use any unbranded OEM copy of Windows XP (i.e. not Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.) to reinstall Windows XP Professional using the product key from the sticker on the bottom of the laptop.

Note that you need to use an OEM disc, not a Retail or VL (volume license) disc.

For your purposes, there is no difference between Windows XP, and Windows XP with Service Pack 1, 2 or 3, though for security reasons you should install a copy of XP which includes Service Pack 3 before connecting the computer to the Internet.

The only thing is that you may have to activate Windows by phone, as online activation was disabled for OEM product key stickers several years back. Since XP has gone end of life, OEM product keys can be activated over the Internet again.

Windows Update Windows Xp Sp3

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Download Sp3 For Windows Xp 32 Bit

Windows Xp Pro Sp2 Download

Microsoft Xp Professional

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Windows 7 Home Premium Hp Oem Download

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Dell Windows Xp Professional Download


Nov 18, 2008 - The Sticker should say 'Microsoft Windows XP Professional 1-2CPU, OEM. Make sure you have current (SP3) install media or ISO's for each of your key types. Personally I'd rather download from MS than chance it though. Jun 11, 2012. Where do I downlload OEM install disc images from? Windows XP Professional 1 - 2CPU OEM. Although it is possible to download the specific.iso files for.

Windows Xp Professional 1-2 Cpu Internal Structure

Windows Xp Rtm Iso

1.Can someone please help me with a copy or place where I can download 'Windows 2000 Professional.

2.My PC came out with the program installed and later on Windows XP Professional SP3 was installed and the two systems functioned very well and without any problems.

3.Not long ago Windows 2000 Professional could not start because the file “WINNTSystem32CONFIGSystemced” was missing or corrupt.

4.The two CD s that came out with the PC are missing and I have search everywhere, turning my storeroom upside down and inside out, but I cannot find them.

5.I still have the Product Key Number (hoping it will work with the copy) and it is still clearly visible on the Sticker/ Label or rather the “Certificate Of Authenticity” as this was a true copy of Microsoft product.

Windows Xp Professional 1-2cpu

6.So please good people help me to re-install this program on my PC so as to let my PC (MY OLD FRIEND) retire with both systems running when Microsoft support come to an end for Windows XP by next year.

7.I am also a retired person desperate to have this program re-install on my PC and your help will mean a lot to me.

Windows Xp Professional Download Usb

Signed MBN<

Windows Xp Professional 1-2cpu Computer Parts

Windows Xp Professional Dell Iso

No, that will not work.
1. Most laptops have a factory restore image on a special partition on the hard drive. To invoke the factory restore process, one usually starts the computer and presses some Function key (like F10) or combination of keys (like F11+Alt). Look on the laptop mftr.'s tech support website to see how to restore your computer to factory condition and then do so after backing up your data.
2. If the factory restore image isn't there or doesn't work, contact the laptop mftr.'s tech support and see if they will sell you a recovery disc set. This will normally be very inexpensive, around $20-25.
3. Otherwise either purchase a full retail copy of whatever version of XP you want (XP Home is cheaper than XP Pro and is fine for most people) and do a clean install of Windows. The retail copy will have its own Product Key which you will use. After the installation, make sure to install all the drivers for your laptop. You will get the drivers at the computer mftr.'s tech support website.
4. The only other alternative would be to take your computer to a competent local tech who can install Windows using a generic or branded OEM install disc. Of course, this won't be free and you won't have the operating system disc to keep afterwards so this isn't really the best scenario for you. #1 or #2 are the best choices. MS-MVP - Elephant Boy Computers - Don't Panic!