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New Midi Files Free Download

Midi files are a computerized score of song. It’s this technology that La Touche Musicale app uses to turn the file into a piano tutorial.

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In fact, on La Touche Musicale, you not only have access to more than 1000 songs on the platform to learn on piano, you can also upload all the ones you like in midi format into your account from your computer. The app will then instantly transform them into a tutorial to learn them easily on piano.

Popular Free MIDI File Sites BitMidi – From classical to cotempary pop and electronic, this site has free MIDI files new and old. – This site contains older free MIDI files, so these may only be good for understaning music in general Carlo’s MIDI – Carlos creates his own MIDI files so this site generally has more up-to-date songs. Carlo’s MIDI is the most forward-looking MIDI file site with a modern website design, a blog, a newsletter, and even links to social media. Like most other sites in the category, it appears to be supported by ads, but overall, it does offer one of the better MIDI file site experiences available. Making this a very special MIDI loop pack. We had him jam out for hours to different tempos and styles of beats and captured all of the MIDI to give you a wide variety of midi files and midi chords to play with. 51 free MIDI loops are included in the Python MIDI Collection. Python MIDI Demo 1. Python MIDI Demo 2. Python MIDI Demo 3.

New sinhala songs midi files free download

In this post, we unveil the 16 best websites and midi libraries that our team has selected to download free midi files so that you can upload them into your La Touche Musicale account and learn them on piano.

Tip: if you can’t find your song, you can type its title followed by “midi” on Google and download it in midi format to learn it on your account.

Joris, the author of this article, recommends the following resource: 40 MIDI files to download for free

Resource: Send 40 songs in MIDI format directly to your mailbox

Enter your email address and instantly receive 40 songs in MIDI format ready to use.

1 – Musescore (paid, 7-day trial period)

Genres: generalist

This is by far the best website for MIDI files. Musescore has more than a million pieces of songs of all genres and for all skill levels on piano. By paying about 4 dollars per month, you can download an unlimited number of piano sheet music and MIDI files and learn them on piano on La Touche Musicale.

2 – Musescore (very limited free version)

Genres : generalist

Musescore has a “Public Domain” section composed of about 2000 free midi files that are downloadable (after sign up for free). This is a bank of free midi songs that will allow you to already have a nice file base.

Simply click on midi Download, then on midi music to download it for free.

With Musescore, you can download a lot of professional midi files for free! Take the opportunity to download easy piano songs and play them.

3 – Mutopia (free)

Genres : classic, jazz, romantic, popular

Mutopia offers a rather rich library of songs of various genres (classical, jazz, romantic, popular…). As for Bit Midi (which you’ll find later in this list), Mutopia has a large directory of free piano midi files. Indeed, all the songs offered are completely free to download. So you can download your classical midi files for free and put them into piano learning apps to play them!

New Sinhala Midi Songs Free Download

To do so, go to the instruments then piano category of the site, and then browse through the different titles offered. Once a song interests you, click on midi files to download it for free.


4 – Bit Midi (free)

Genres : generalist

Bit Midi has a very large library of MIDI scores, of very different styles. The advantage of this website is that it’s also full of free midi files. Fans of retro music, go for it!

Moreover, all the piano midi files offered by Bit Midi are free downloads, that is to say that they can all be downloaded completely free of charge. The catchphrase of the site is clear on this subject: “Listen and download free midi songs”.

However, midi musics are often not well processed: sometimes the left and right hand are not always differentiated, sometimes the file does not have a piano track (in this case, La Touche Musicale will not be able to convert it efficiently into a tutorial). Typing “piano” after your search will increase your chances of finding compatible songs.

5 – VG Music (free)

Genres : video game soundtracks

Website specializing in video game soundtracks, VG Music offers a library of over 700 midi musics of diverse and varied quality.

VG Music is also a website offering free midi files to download. Simply click on the title of a song to download the midi file for free and import it on La Touche Musicale or Synthesia.

6 – Pandatooth (free)

Genres : Video games, movies and TV

On Pandatooth, you can freely download midi scores of soundtracks from movies, TV series and famous video games. Midi files 2019 or 2020, you will find the latest hits of the moment!

The site is well designed and very easy to use. Once arrived on the page of a music, you just have to click on the “MIDI” tab located on the right side of the page and download the midi score for free!

7 – Hamienet (free)

Genres : Anime, video games, Hip Hop, Jazz, RnB

Anime, video games, Hip-Hop, RnB, this site offers a lot of contemporary songs that you can download in midi piano format.

You just have to filter your searches according to the different categories of musical genres located on the left side of the page to find what you are looking for. Then click on the title of a midi song to download the file.

You are particularly looking for OST and anime songs in midi format but lack of inspiration ? Check out our article presenting the top 10 anime piano songs to help you make your choice.

8 – Midi World (free)

Genres : generalist

On Midi World, you can find a lot of songs of various genres (classical, pop, rap, …). Like almost all the sites of this classification, Midi World also proposes professional midi files in free download. Be careful however with the quality of the midi songs: they are not all well treated.

9 – Non Stop 2K (free)

Genres : generalist, electronic, movies, video games

Non Stop 2K also offers a wide variety of piano midi files from different musical styles. Search for “piano version” to have more chances to find your midi scores adapted for piano learning on La Touche Musicale.

All the songs provided by Non Stop 2K are free midi files. You can download it for free without sign up!

10 – Midi Collection (free)

Genres : generalist

Midi Collection proposes only few free midi songs (about twenty) but they are very current and usually sought after by beginner pianists (Ludovico Einaudi, Yiruma, Pirates of the Caribbean, …). All in all, you will find magnificent soundtracks from your favorite movies, video games, …

Moreover, the files are of good quality: the hands are well dissociated, which simplifies considerably their learning on La Touche Musicale.

11 – Ichigo (free)

Genres : anime & manga

Ichigo is a website offering scores in PDF as well as anime songs in midi format. The site is quite well built and you can sort the songs and OST by musical instrument (piano, violin, flute, …). The songs and soundtracks are categorized by manga titles: you can therefore download several midi files from a single manga.

Be careful: the midi files are not always good quality. Sometimes the hands are not dissociated on piano, sometimes the notes overlap each other. To make sure of their quality, you can download them and upload them on yourLa Touche Musicale account.

12 – 8 Notes (free)

Genres : royalty free songs, classical music, weddings, christmas, traditional, birthday, exercises, …

8 Notes is a site offering several hundred midi files that you can freely download.

When you arrive on 8 Notes, you can choose the instrument you want (flute, guitar, violin, piano, trumpet, clarinet, …). Once you have chosen the musical instrument, you have access to all the musical categories proposed: classical, pop, rock, jazz, birthday, wedding, christian, …

All you have to do is make your choice and download the midi files you want!

13 – Flat (free)

Genres : generalist, pop, rock, hits, electronic, romantic, …

Flat is a website of French origin and a mobile application that allows you to browse a very large library of songs. Once on the song, you can download the score in pdf format but also in midi format, for free. The site looks a bit like Musescore, except that it’s free for most downloads!

The midi files proposed on Flat are of good quality but some of them are not dissociated for the piano, which can be annoying when you learn music on La Touche Musicale. So make sure you download the midi and check its quality on your La Touche Musicale account before learning the song on piano.

14 – Ambrose Piano Tabs (free)

Genres : children, classic, dance, movies & TV, jazz, blues, opera, pop, rock, religious, …

Ambrose Piano Tabs is a website that may at first glance seem rather primitive but it does quite the job it is asked to do: choose your songs by categories (dance, classical, movies, children, opera, …), notes (from 1 to 5 stars) or decades (1950, 1980, 1990, …). Enter the criteria you want and then filter the library by clicking on the “Search” button on the right side of the page. A list of songs appears below the search. You just have to click on the “sound” icon located on the left of each song to download the midi file on your computer.

The midi files offered on Ambrose Piano Tabs are quite well processed. You can therefore use them to learn the song proposed on La Touche Musicale.

15 – Sheethost (free)

Genres : generalist, pop, rock, video games, classic, movie, TV, christmas, …

Sheethost is a relatively new website in the landscape of midi downloading on the web. It’s in beta version for the moment. The website is quite well built and its content is relatively rich. You can find more than 1000 songs to download in midi format.

Once you are in front of the different categories or musical genres (christmas, pop, rock, movie, classical, jazz and blues, …), you can select one of them to get a list of songs corresponding to this genre. You just have to click on the title of one of these songs to get to the page presenting it. On the right side of this page is a “Download” section. Click on the midi file to download it.

Note: You must first create an account on Sheethost before you can download the free midi files.

16 – Herbalcell (free)

Genres : video games

Herbalcell is a very good site of midi files specialized in video games.

The catalog is categorized by games (Zelda, Mario, …) and all the songs of the game are included.

Herbalcell is very well designed, easy to use, and you just have to click on the file icon on the right of the song to download it for free in midi format.

You also have the possibility to pre-listen to each song before downloading it to make sure you like it.

There are two big positive points on this site: the midi files are all very well processed (the notes belonging to each of the piano hands are well differentiated) and the difficulty of each song in the catalog is displayed on the right, through a more or less filled thermometer icon.

If you are a fan of video game soundtracks, we highly recommend this site to learn your favorite piano songs on La Touche Musicale.

Bonus: a site for downloading chords and scales in MIDI format.

You wish to work on your chords or scales on La Touche Musicale? Here is a site to download some in MIDI format.

Wikimedia commons (free)

Genres : agreement progressions

Wikimedia offers 144 midi files including all the chord progressions you can practice.

Recommended resource: 40 free MIDI files to download

To go further, you can download our resource containing 40 free MIDI files.

Free Packs

Premium Packs

  • Fresh Breeze MIDI Pack by SampleOcean

Nowadays, MIDI files are considered to be the sheet music of the 21st century. It means that they can greatly help you in creating music as they tell you chords, melodies, and drum arrangements which famous artists used in their songs. What is more, some Midi files include the inner workings of a whole song. Just imagine the situation. A music producer lost the inspiration and couldn’t create a new track. In this case, Midi files come him in handy. Midi files based on the artwork of popular composers is a great source of inspiration for creating new music for anyone. In this article, we present you Best Free Midi Files of 2019. There are dozens of various websites with Midi Files. But they are either badly organized or very poor. We have created this list for you to find the preferred genre easily and then use Midi files for studying and changing the way you produce.

EDM Files

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is today a very popular music genre. For making a great EDM song, you should either find or create memorable melody and combine it with such a hook which will certainly catch the ear of the listener.

We have found the best EDM hit songs for you to learn its songwriting techniques and then use it while creating your own tracks.


Trap is a style of hip-hop music which is characterized by huge usage of hi-hats, crisp, grimy, and rhythmic snares, as well as heavy and sub-bass layered kick drums. Like in the past, trap remains popular today too. In trap songs, we can hear gritty vocals and lyrical content. Enjoy these free midi trap files which we have chosen for you!

RnB, Hip-Hop & Electronica Files

RnB, Hip Hop and Electronic music are in demand today. It can be proven by the fact that these styles (and also pop music) are most often heard in radio all over the world. From the midis of these genres, you can learn how to create the best sampling techniques and drum grooves.


Pop music will always have fans in every country throughout the world. Other musical styles may have risen or fallen popularity among the audience in a different time, but pop was, is and will be popular forever! By the way, only a few people know that pop music producers have borrowed and even now borrow some songwriting and production techniques from smaller genres, innovate them and in such a manner they get songs which are much-loved among listeners of different age. Use this chance to experiment with pop midi!


A lot of people grew up on rock hits of such artists as Queen, Elton John and Pink Floyd. Still, now rock music has its fans too, as every year there are different rock concerts and festivals, where thousands of people come to hear and enjoy rock music. So, grab incredible songwriting techniques from these free midi files!


A lot of people regard jazz as 'America's classical music'. It was developed from roots in blues and ragtime. Its main characteristics are polyrhythms, swing and blue notes, call and response vocals, and advanced improvisation. If you are fond of this genre, the following midi files will be useful for you.


Rap is a musical style where vocal delivery stipulates rhythmic speech which is performed over a beat. Today many people associate rap with hip-hop music. We have chosen for you the midi files of the most popular songs. Hope, you will fully enjoy working with these midis.


Blues is a music genre which is special by its blues scale, call-and-response pattern, and specific chord progressions. It has specific lyrics, instrumentation, and bass lines. These awesome blues midi files will be a great accomplishment to your music library.

Free Movie Soundtracks Midi File

It is impossible to find a film without music. Movie soundtracking is very important as it adds some colouring to films. We can perceive better if we hear, for example, the sounds of glory which are added to struggle. And movie soundtracks are well-known by many of us though we can even not know what it is a song. That's why we have decided that such midi files will be very helpful for you.

Free Download Midi Files


Dubstep is one of popular genres of electronic dance music. We can recognize this style by its sub-bass frequencies and sparse, syncopated rhythmic patterns. Today many music charts are full of dubstep singles and remixes. Listen to these midi files and feel free to experiment with them.

Coral Reef MIDI Pack by SampleOcean

And now, if you haven’t found anything interesting and exciting in this collection of best free midi files of 2019, we offer you our Coral Reef MIDI Pack at an affordable price! Coral Reef will help to make your songs sound unique, spiky and catchy. It contains different music genres including pop, trap, hip-Hop, house or EDM. We guarantee you that this pack is worth your attention!

Fresh Breeze MIDI Pack by SampleOcean

And last but not least, our Fresh Breeze MIDI Pack. It is incredible and sounds very light, shiny and catchy. Take advantage of these 50 unique MIDI files with different melodies and chord progressions.

Professional Midi Files For Sale


Midi Files Free Download Classical

We hope that this list of best midi files of 2019 was useful and interesting for you. Maybe it will spark new ideas and encourage you to write something awesome. So, good luck in producing new hits!