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Opus File Download

Bigasoft – Opus to MP3 Converter is the best tool designed by the team of Internet Engineering Task Force to convert any OPUS file to MP3. It is best suited for the real-time applications and can work through the internet. With this software, you can convert Opus to other formats like AIFF, OGG, WAV, AC3, and WMA as well. Opus is a note, todolist and calendar handwritting app. It helps you catch your notes, drawings, appointements, todos and organize it inside notebooks and chapters. You can copy & paste ink from / to OneNote or other office App. You can export pages as images (Png, Gif, Jpeg.) or PDF. It works best with digitalizer pen (like surface pen.

Audio samples

Welcome to our download area: here we offer several downloads related to OPUS as well as IR-, NIR- and Raman spectroscopy. OPUS Viewer: OPUS Viewer is a free program that can open all kinds of Bruker's OPUS, JCAMP-DX and Galactic Grams files while data processing and evaluation is not possible. It allows you to display spectral data.

These samples demonstrate the quality achievable with Opus. They are have been encoded with Opus and thendecoded back to wav so that any browser can play them. The bitrates indicated are target bitrates, i.e.the average that would be achieved on a large audio collection.

Opus file player download for pc

Opus speech samples, various bitrates


Opus stereo music samples, various bitrates


Packet loss robustness at 24 kb/s wideband, 30% loss


Bitrate scalability

The following example demonstrates what happens when gradually varying the bitrate from 8 kb/s to 64 kb/s.It’s an extreme example, but it shows how Opus can change bandwidth and bitrate seamlessly without any glitch.In practical applications, bitrate changes are expected to occur much more slowly.


Example of use in a web page

Opus works with the <audio> element just like Vorbis. For example, this code in a web page<audio src='ehren-paper_lights-96.opus' controls></audio>displays an embedded player that can play an Opus file:

Opus Sample File Download

Paper Lights by Ehren Starks, encoded at 96 kb/s

Your browser does not support the audio element

Opus File Download Free

Playback should work in Firefox or Chrome.

There is also a list of live Opus internet radio streams on the Icecast directory.