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Openmeeting.collab to join your session orplay.collab to play your recording. If you don't see a prompt to do so, open the file in yourDownloads folder. Install the Mac Launcher Use the following steps to download and install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher: 1. On theRoom Details page, clickJoin Room or, in theRecordings table, click a. Map includes: - 300 Diameter Maze.Glade and Homestead. The goal is to collect your weapons from the weapon room, gather supplies, explore the Glade, and escape the Maze through the cliff. The map is set to adventure mode so you cannot break your way out!

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ONE OF the year's most surprising collaborations was the PUBG Mobile x Arcane mashup, where champions from the hit Netflix animated series (itself based on one of the world's most popular games) crashed the battle royale.

Pinoy gamers were among the first to experience this collaboration, and several streamers gave their thoughts on the unique tie-up that popped up in the PUBGM's Version 1.7 update.

PUBG x Arcane was a unique experience

“I didn’t expect this from the collab,” said PUBGM player John Vincent 'Vigor' Almodal of the surprising fun that the mash-up between two disaparate worlds brought.

In the update, the mysterious Mirror Island appears in PUBG Mobile ⁠— the projected space of Arcane’s world. When players land on the Mirror Island, they can become Arcane characters and unlock different gaming experiences with skills ported straight out of League of Legends.

Another PUBGM streamer, Zen 'ZenPro' Aragon, said that the Version 1.7 update is “the best collab ever.”

“Being a Champion delays your death,” ZenPro pointed out. In this game, when you enter the exciting Mirror Island, you will gain abilities and become champions like Jinx, Vi, Jayce, or Caitlyn. You can also make use of brand new weapons and skills to fight against other players. Once you are eliminated, you will be forcibly ejected and restored to a normal state.

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In addition, the character outfits and other themed items can also be redeemed through event missions, giving players a chance to play these champions permanently in a battle royale game.


“From someone who does not play multiplayer online battle arena games, I really enjoyed playing PUBG Mobile with Arcane characters. I think the collaboration is great for some MOBA fans [also] playing PUBG MOBILE since they can play as some of their favorite heroes from LOL,” added Vigor.

New carry feature also carries the update

With Version 1.7 Update, you can also now carry knocked-down players on your back, and move them to another location. If you are carrying your fallen teammates, however, your movement speed is reduced, and you are unable to shoot your gun, use melee combat, pick up items, get in the car, or use medkits.

Still, ZenPro enthused, “The new carry feature is a chokeslam to all who wish to block!”

The Arcane x PUBGM collab is only the latest mashup in a game that's been chock-full of them, including a Godzilla vs. Kong and Liverpool FC tie-in.

“Can’t wait to see a PUBG MOBILE and BTS collab in the near future!,” quipped Vigor.

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