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Play Store Pro Download Aptoide

  1. Play Store Pro Download Aptoide Free
  2. Play Store Pro Download Aptoide Free
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When comparing Aptoide vs Uptodown, the Slant community recommends Aptoide for most people. In the question“What is the best Google Play Store alternative?”Aptoide is ranked 3rd while Uptodown is ranked 19th. The most important reason people chose Aptoide is:

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Everything is completely free on Aptoide.

SparkChess is the only chess game on Play Store that puts fun first. With a choice of boards, computer opponents and online play it delivers a first-class game of chess that’s as accessible to experts as it is to novices, kids and anyone else who wants to discover how enjoyable this ancient strategy board game really is. In this video,We are showing u guys 'HOW TO DOWNLOAD APTOIDE WITHOUT PLAY STORE! Download link: sure to subscribe!

Aptoide allows you to downgrade to a lower version in case you have issues with the latest version you installed, provided there is a version lower than your's available.

Aptoide offers an open source client version. This way anyone can look through the code as well as create their own app stores.

Aptoide has a feature called 'Trusted Stamps'. These are signifiers that an app is trusted and will not contain anything malicious. There are also signifiers to let users know if an app may have been flagged for malicious content.


Aptoide can sync with the apps you installed from other locations, giving you the latest updates from different users to choose from.

To date, there are 120 Million unique devices that have installed Aptoide, making this app store top market in terms of a user base that is engaged and generates millions of downloads for its community of app developers and publishers.

Maximize the relevance of your ads and increase your click through rates by targeting specific countries. You can find it by going to Aptoide Ads > Campaigns > Create Ad Group.

With Aptoide you can generate organic downloads, but also run paid acquisition campaigns. These campaigns run on a non-incentivized CPI (cost-per-install) basis and they will appear as display ads and/or search ads. When joining Aptoide, you are offered US $50 in promotional funds for you to try their ad platform and acquire free users.

If you're running closed beta tests or if you want to share certain apps with your employees only, this is the way to go. Follow the path: My Store > Privacy > Private.

One of Aptoide’s big advantages is that its commitment to guarantee a malware free ecosystem. There are several layers of protection and validation. You can hear its CEO explaining it in detail here.

By August 2015, Aptoide's market place had grown to over 350,000 different applications, including all the most well known ones. Information is available in the homepage.

Updates come on Aptoide before Google Play itself (but they can be a bit buggy).

Aptoide's client is translated into over 40 languages and it is used in almost every country, even countries where Google Play is unavailable or has a limited presence (e.g, China, Iran, etc). It is great way to reach out to users that you wouldn't normally be able to if you're only publishing on Google Play.

Aptoide offers a partnership program where partners can set up and manage their own retail Android stores. This allows the partner to choose and curate the content and design of their own store.

You can upload your apps just by putting them in a Dropbox folder. The folder Aptoide will sync with your store. Simply go to My Apps > Add App > Upload with Dropbox and start uploading.

Aptoide uses an APT based repository system for their store. Users can create their own repos to then share with friends or use privately for backup functions.


Aptoide offers a publisher program to their users that allows anyone to publish and monetize their apps.

With Aptoide, you can check an option that will facilitate the automatic update of apps to the latest version available in the market.

It is available as an Android app that offers app downloads, automatic updates, download backups and rollback to past versions of an app.

Banned Play Store apps are available in Uptodown

Available in twelve languages.

Uptodown uses VirusTotal to check if applications are safe to use.

The app does have categories and it is super easy to download

All apps are free and legal in this store.

Uptodown editors write descriptions and take screenshots for every app that is published.

You can get app updates earlier than the google play store.


Some apps in Aptoide are filled with viruses that sometimes Aptoide will mark with 'Unknown' or 'Warning' in the apps safety test, without removing the app.

Aptoide hosts many free apps that are cracks on paid apps from other stores.

Play Store Pro Download Aptoide Free

The apps they offer at Aptoide are not the newest version. It is an older version, and you will have to go elsewhere to get the newest version.

There is an unofficial mod by V.R that removes the ads.

Play Store Pro Download Aptoide Free

What's terrible for a gamer who is excited to take an opportunity to try other apps, is that it might take at least 5 mins for the install to take place and finish. Depending on the signal strength and size of app, downloads can be faster or slower, like any other download.

Aptoide Android App Store

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