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Teams Download Files

As of today, Teams downloads either single or multiple files to your default Windows operating system Downloads folder, which you can easily find in the File Explorer. Typically that is the Downloads folder, that is by default pinned in the File Explorer quick access. Form Microsoft Teams it’s quite easy to open the Downloads Folder. These files can also be downloaded straight to your PC — which brings us to this little subtopic. Since Microsoft made a big deal about meeting recordings, it’s not difficult seeing them go down the same route with regular downloads. To download and install Microsoft Teams to your machine, please refer to: Microsoft Teams: LSU Overview. Download a file from Teams From Teams on the desktop or web, you can download any file you see in Teams—whether it’s on a channel’s Files tab, sent in a message, or stored in a OneDrive folder. Select More options next to the file name and then Download. Files you download from Teams will show up in your device's Downloads folder.

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Teams seems to lack any native way of mirroring files to a shared directory. I'm Trying use Python (or another language but python preferred!) to either:

a. Directly pull from microsoft teams into memory using Python to process with Pandas

b. Copy files from teams into a shared network folder (which Python could then read in)

I found this but can't get it to work with teams - the teams URLs don't look anything like these do. How to read SharePoint Online (Office365) Excel files in Python with Work or School Account?

Microsoft Teams Download Files

Teams Download Files

It seems close to what I want to do though. I also found 'pymsteams' on PyPi repository. which just seems to let you send messages to Teams and nothing else? unless I misunderstand something.


Trying to run the above code gives AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'text'

Full stack trace:

Christopher Klapperich
Christopher KlapperichChristopher Klapperich

I've managed to get it working using the Office-365-REST-Python-Client you linked.

Ms Teams Download Folder


If you're using SharePoint Online, you'll need to get an App-Only principle set up and connect using the acquire_token_for_app function instead of acquire_token_for_user, then passing a client_id and client_secret instead of username & password.

This should download your file to a local drive (specified via the filename variable) and you can then load into pandas etc to process


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