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Where Can I Download Microsoft Money


Option 3: Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe. If you can do without automatic transaction downloads and a few other features that require internet access, Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe is still an option. Although it doesn't have all the features that you enjoyed in Money, Sunset Deluxe is free. Apple Mac OS X, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Longhorn (Windows Code Name), Macintosh, MS-DOS, Solaris, TabletPC, Unix, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Professional Edition, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows.

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Where Can I Download Microsoft Money

All versions of Money Plus sold at retail and online, required users to perform an “Online Activation” step in order to keep using the product, even if online services had already expired. Online Activation was also required for every machine onto which Money Plus was installed. Now that Money Plus is no longer available for purchase, the online activation step will eventually become unnecessary and unsupported.
The Microsoft Money Plus Sunset versions provide an alternative version of Money with the following:
* No activation requirement. This version can be installed/reinstalled as needed without a requirement to activate
* No online services. Discontinued services include online quotes, bill payment, statement downloads initiated by Money, data sync with MSN Money, etc. If your financial institution provides OFX or QIF statement downloads, the Sunset versions will allow you to import those statements into your Money file
* Online Help is replaced with a local Help file
* No Assisted Support. Self Help and community support may continue to be available for a few more years
* File conversion from older versions of Money. The Sunset versions are able to open and convert Money Plus files and files from older versions of Money (e.g. Money 2006, Money 2007). The Sunset version cannot convert files created by regional (non-US) versions of Money
Money Plus Sunset is available in two versions:
* Money Plus Deluxe Sunset (this file, download above) – designed to replace Essentials, Deluxe and Premium
* Money Plus Home & Business Sunset – designed to replace Home & Business

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Free microsoft money plus download

Update: Microsoft has discontinued this product. You can read more about it on

Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe Download

Back in 2009, I reported that Microsoft was killing off their Microsoft Money product line after ten years of development. I was sorry to see it go but oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes.

For those of you who are still running an old copy of Microsoft Money, today Microsoft released what appears to be its final version of Microsoft Money called – Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe Sunset. The final copy is a free download over at the Microsoft Download Center. It can be installed as an upgrade to a previous Money install OR installed stand-alone.

According to the release notes, Microsoft is apparently releasing the software because they are turning off the Product Activation and Digital Rights Management services needed to activate older versions of the software. This final Sunset version of Money will ensure no customers find themselves locked out of their money files in the event they need to perform a re-install, etc.

Free? What’s the catch?

No online Quotes or other Banking Services will be supported moving forward. You can however still import Microsoft Money transactions manually from banks. I tested this with my bank Chase, and it worked perfectly.

Here are the details from the release notes:


Microsoft Money products since Money 2007 have utilized a digital rights management system which required users to activate their product at or shortly after setup. Now that the Microsoft Money product line is nearing the end of its supported lifecycle, the activation services will also be ending. To enable users the ability to continue to use Microsoft Money manually, (without online quotes or online banking services), Microsoft is releasing “Money Plus Deluxe Sunset”, and a “Money Plus Home and Business Sunset”. The Sunset skus do not require activation, and come preconfigured with no online services, thus allowing users access to their Microsoft Money data files.



Microsoft Money Deluxe 2007 Download

It is recommended that you save this download on to your computer in case you need to reinstall in the future without Internet access. Then Run the installation from that Saved download. Money Plus Dlx Sunset can be installed as an upgrade to retail versions of Money, or stand alone. Before running setup, it is recommended that you make sure you have good backups of all your Money data files, as well as a copy of the setup program of your current version of Money, in case you need to uninstall the Sunset version and revert to your previous version. To install Money Plus Dlx Sunset, just double click on the self-extracting download file, and follow the setup wizard steps.