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Why Download Pending In Google Play Store

Jul 11, 2018 Google recently updated Play Store to download only one app at a time, not multiple apps like before. And this might be the reason you’re seeing download pending message because there might be other apps in the queue pending for download. Learn why you get download pending in google play store, and how to fix it. Learn why you get download pending in google play store, and how to fix it. Google Play Store on BlueStacks 4 stuck on pending? I'm running BlueStacks 4 to emulate a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and I was trying to update some apps through the Google Play Store. However, all those apps were stuck on pending for long periods of time, no matter what I did.

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How to Fix Download Pending Status on Play Store

the problem. Share on Reddit, share on WhatsApp, share on Telegram. The Play Store keeps on displaying the Download Pending forever and ever, ever been in such a situation? We hope, these methods help you get rid of those pending downloads, and you can again enjoy installing your favorite apps and games. Method 2: Clear Cache and Data of the Google Play Store. Restarting your phone will remove the temporary data from RAM. And now again Log-in with your account and try downloading the app again. Just Log-out from your Google account, as this will also log you out from the Google Play Store. You can restart your phone by selecting. Step 4: Now, you shall enter the App info section, in there Select the Storage option by tapping on it Step 5: After that, just Tap on the Clear Data followed by the Clear Cache options and thats. Go back and download the app you wanted to download, when you download the app, the app will start to download straight away without it pending. Thats why it is a good idea to download the latest version of Google Play Store when it comes out. Auto-updates in Google Store : There is an option for auto-update in your Google Play Store settings, which will let your phone to update automatically whenever new updates are available but because of this your applications. Method 5: Uninstall Previous Updates of the Play Store Image shows the uninstall updates option popped up when Tapped on the Three Dots Step 1: Like always Open the Settings panel Step 2: Now, again. Thus you see the download pending. If you don't find here, go to system (on right of it).

How to fix the Google Play Store download pending error


Scroll down to, apps, click the 3-dots in the top right, click. Method 4: Use the Stop button to Clear the Downloads Queue Image shows everycircuit the Stop button to kill all pending downloads from the Play Store This method allows you to stop all the apps, that might be updating. Install it and go to settings, to 'Broadcast Receiver'. The cache data on our phone are just junk files used to save user information about the application and to help you complete tasks faster. Step 5: Just relaunch the app and try Downloading the app/game again, this time it will download and get installed as usual. This will send you to 'Third Party' broadcast receiver instantly. Image shows the App info settings of the Google Play Store. Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem, we will move on towards the methods to resolve your.

Google Play store, go to, my apps games from the menu, click. Method 2: Restarting your Phone, restarting the phone will refresh the RAM by removing all the temporary data stored for your Google Play Store, which includes the updates or the stuck downloading files. Delete Google Play Services Go to Settings Click on Apps Select Google Play Services in the list of downloaded apps Click the 3-dots menu Click on Uninstall Updates Restart your Android to re-install Google Play Services. The same case is for Google Play Store saving the data into the device for your downloaded applications. Go back to, google Play Store, now try again to update or download the application. And go back and again restart your download again. This happens because of a recent update in the Play Store which changes the way apps are installed onto your Android. With that, you try to download your app/game again, or you also go ahead and install the latest version of the Google Play Store app. Share on Facebook, share on Pinterest, share on LinkedIn. If the app is still stuck on Download Pending, clear the queue with the steps down below. Go to your, androids settings, click on, apps. Method 3: Try logging in and out of your Google Account Image shows the Google accounts removal section in the Settings panel This could be a pain to do so, but some users have claimed that this. To stop these apps from updating in the background, just follow the instruction given below. This one is the easiest of all and should work 90 of the time, all you have to do is force stop the Google Play Store app. Table of Contents, method 1: Force Stop the Google Play Store App.

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This removes the download pending message which means that theres no longer any apps in the queue this allows you to download the app without seeing this message. Reset app preferences, click Reset app in the confirmation pop up Resetting your apps preferences basically clears all the settings youve made on your Android regarding apps. Force Google Play Store to Stop. Find, google Play Store in the list of apps, tap. Go to Google Play Store and press the Settings Bar in the upper left corner of the screen or just swap right Scroll down, go to the Settings Tap on Auto-update apps option and select Do not auto-update apps. I tried free a few those apks and the more full effective and reliable was 'My Android Tools '. Next add it again, and try downloading the app/game from the Play Store. Tap on the, apps section, step 3: From the apps list, Select the, google Play Store and, tap. This means that the apps that youre trying to download after the first one will remain in a queue and it will be stuck on download pending until the other apps have finished downloading.

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  • Windows 7.
  • RAM of 4 GB.
  • 500 MB free space.
  • 2 GHz processor.

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Why Download Pending In Google Play Store

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